Village Marketing: Email & Social Networks

Village Properties Mobile Application Tip

Marketing Listings using Email and Social Networks

Where do people read their emails or check their Facebook status these days? That’s right – on their phone!

If they see something interesting, they’ll either check it out on their phone right away or save it for later when they’re on their computer, laptop or tablet.

In this tip, I’m going to show you how to email your listing(s) to your network or post it on a social network so people get the best experience no matter what device they are on – phone, computer, laptop or tablet.

Step 1: Find your listing on the Village Properties website

Got to on a computer (desktop or laptop) and find your listing. The easiest way to do this is to enter the MLS id in the ‘Quick Search’ box on the home page. You should be directed to the property details page for your listing.

For this example, I’ve entered 14-1860 in the home page universal search box:

Village Properties Universal Search

which brings me to the details page for 3990 Primavera Rd:



Step 2: Copy the URL for the listing

Once on your property details page, copy the URL for the property details page from the browser’s URL bar. The example I’m showing is for Google’s Chrome browser. The process is similar for Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Web browser URL


Step 3: Paste the URL into an email, put it in a Facebook or Google+ status, or post on Twitter or Pinterest

Once you have copied the URL from the browser bar, compose your email or social media post, paste the URL into your message, and then send/post it.

Yes, it’s that simple. Now your clients and prospects will get the best experience no matter what device they use. If they’re on a mobile phone, they’ll get directed to the mobile application where they can contact you directly regarding the property. If they are on a computer (desktop or laptop) or tablet, they’ll get the full desktop website experience and can contact you from there.