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Online Strategy


Our goal is to identify the best way for you to get the most out of your online presence both desktop and mobile. The result is a plan that you can use that allows us to develop a mobile application or website that does more than check a box – it delivers results!

Web and Mobile App Development

Using the latest web technologies, we develop your website or mobile app with an emphasis on design, performance, and reliability. For mobile we make sure that your application is available across as many devices as possible. Upon request, we can even package your app for native deployment so your brand has a presence in the application stores for the major platforms, should you desire it.

UI and UX Design

User Interface and User Experience design is our priority. We utilize our experience designing for all platforms from desktop to mobile devices to create an engaging interface that is easy for your customers to understand and drives results. We help to ensure that the user experience spans across all your marketing channels, ensuring your customers receive a consistent message from you.

For Your Real Estate Brokerage

We don’t just interact with business. Here’s what we can do for your real estate brokerage.



If it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring – at least that’s our approach when it comes to mobile.

  • Web 65%
  • Mobile 95%
  • Design 85%

What Our Clients Say

Aumnia has been our partner for over five years.  They have created our mobile strategy and seen us through upgrades that are appropriate to the way mobile consumers browsing habits have evolved.  This partnership has definitely given us a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Scott Nelson

Comey & Shepherd Realtors, Cincinnati, OH

We were fortunate to have found Aumnia as they have built for us a fantastic mobile site which provides for our clients the information they may need – or for prospective clients with a way to find information they need. Many real estate companies have a mobile component, typically involving property search, but very few have an actual web site where there is information helpful to our clients. Aumnia was very deliberate and systematic in their approach and delivered a working site from day one.

Steve Hudson

Owner, The Hudson Company

Let's Create Together

A lot of companies will bury you with words at you like “fully responsive design” and “mobile optimized”. We make everything easier to understand and won’t ask you to consider something unless we truly believe that it will benefit your business. We also offer free consultation where we set up a potential plan with you that we would encourage your business to implement. Click the button to get in touch with us today so we can get started today.