Village Properties Website

Project Description

In November of 2016, we launched the official Village Properties website. We have been working with Village Properties since 2013 to get their mobile application up and running, and the last year on their website. Going along with their mission for passionate professionals, developing agents, and an unparalleled service we bring that through with the website. It’s very user friendly and allows their clients to easily and quickly find exactly what they are looking for with features like: agent matching, distinct area selection for property searches, easy map views for both properties and their offices, and information for both buyers and sellers. The Village Properties website is very visually appealing with a crisp clean feel with its large images that allows clients to easily explore the house of their dreams.

Project Details

Client Village Properties

Initial Release Date November 2016

Latest Update N/A


Agent Matching

The Village Properties website allows their clients to explore through a list of their agents, where they can click on individual agents profiles. These agent profiles gives the background story for each agent, their contact information, and their recent transactions. This allows Village Properties to stick to their mission of developing their agents by allowing them to have their own space to thrive. Not only that but there is also the feature of agent matching; where clients can fill out what their specific needs are and will be matched with the perfect agent based on those requirements. This takes away all of the guesswork out of picking agents, but also allows clients to be perfectly matched based on what they are looking for.







For Buyers and Sellers

The new website also caters to both sides of the transaction with information for both buyers and sellers that allows Village Properties to excel with their unparalleled service. Clients are able to read through (whether they are a buyer or a seller) to better understand Village Properties process for each side. This allows Village Properties to connect with clients before they even meet with an agent or see a home. This creates a better connection with their clients, but shows how much they care about the process.


Maps View

To better connect with their clients, Village Properties website gives directions to any of their three offices though the maps view. Clients can also view all listing on a map view too, so they can pinpoint the exact listing in the location they want. With each listing page, there is also a contact form that goes directly to the agent assigned to that property. This allows multiple ways of communication for clients to reach any aspect of Village Properties. This shows how passionate Village Properties and their agents are to assisting in their clients’ needs.

The Result

Village Properties has been in the real estate business for over 20 years now, and has shown their success through integrity and innovation. With our help we have been able to match that passion through the Village Properties new website and mobile application. Throughout these years working with them, we have grown to know their brand and helped them build as strong online presence to represent that. This kind of long and ongoing relationship allows us to build confidence and trust with our clients, and is something that we strive to do. We will continue to work with Village Properties in years to come to build a stronger relationship, and to continually fit their mobile and website needs.

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