Surterre Properties Website

Project Description

The Surterre Properties website is great for their clients and supports their agents as well. With features like agent profiles and lifestyle searches, the tools needed are easily accessible. We have taken the essence of who Surterre Properties is and turned it into a perfect website that fits their needs. The website allows Surterre Properties to show off their agents and their properties to clients through a very engaging platform. Clients are able to fully understand what Surterre Properties stands for, that they are a family of professionals who are all invested in their clients success. With the ease of use and multiple features we have been able to incorporate that mission into their website.

Project Details

Client Surterre Properties

Original Launch October 2015

Latest Update November 2016

Area / Lifestyles

One of the key features of the Surterre Properties website is the area and lifestyle search options. Their clients can explore different well known areas such as Dana Point and Laguna Hills. Each search area will show clients all properties listed for sale in that specific area. This allows their clients to narrow down search results for a specific area, or to explore other areas they might have not considered before. There are also search options that will narrow down results depending on the type of lifestyle clients are interested in. For example if a client is interested in beach living, or equestrian estates. These search tools not only make it easier for Surterre Properties clients to narrow down their search and find exactly what they are looking for, but allows them to explore multiple options.

Agent Profiles

On the Surterre Properties website there is as list of all of their agents, and each agent has their own profile as well. In these profiles there is a short bio for each agent, a list of their current homes, their recent transactions, and an option to sell your home with them. This makes it easy for clients to find the right agent. Not only that but it gives the agents a perfect place to market themselves. Some agents even link their agent profile to their personal website, which not only boosts their success but also increases client interaction for Surterre Properties.
This feature is also available on the Surterre Properties mobile application, you can view that here.

Virtual Tour

One of the nicest features with the Surterre Properties website is the Virtual Tour option for viewing properties. When viewing a property and the property details, there is a option to view a virtual tour of the home. This link allows Surterre Properties clients to fully experience a property in a 360 view. They can also view a slideshow of photos of the property, and even a video as well. Not only in this a great feature, but it allows clients to really explore properties before viewing an open house.

The Result

The Surterre Properties website is a great place for clients to explore all options and possibilities, and to experience properties in multiple ways. The website’s focus isn’t just on clients though. Surterre Properties understands the importance of supporting their agents as well. This allows Surterre Properties to give their agents a great platform with amazing support. Whether that’s agent to client or agent to business, Surterre Properties agents have all the tools they need to succeed. Surterre Properties is there to support their agents and clients together through their website, and with the features and support we have provided them over the years we have done just that.

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