Surterre Mobile Presence

Project Description

The Surterre Properties Mobile App and Website are now streamlined, so they both have the same look and feel. This communicates Surterre Properties importance on their brand, and their brand’s integration across multiple platforms. From things like color scheme that represents their brokerage, to the ease of the navigation allows clients to switch from one to the other and not feel lost. Surterre has envisioned a mobile site that visually satisfies the client, while creating a simplistic experience that will keep people coming back for more.

Project Details

Client Surterre Properties

Initial Release May 2014

Latest Update September 2016

Location Search and Open Houses

One of the main features in the mobile application is the open houses and nearby search options. Clients can input any search criteria they want, and can narrow down these requirements to their specific location. That way if they are searching for a property in their neighborhood it allows them to do that. The open house search  lets clients view open houses, by letting them search for specific days and cities the open houses are in. That way clients can search for open houses based on their location restrictions and schedule. Not only that but it reduces the agents need to broadcast open houses across multiple channels, as it is readily available on the mobile site.

Agent Profiles

There is also an agent roster, so clients can easily access and choose the best agent for their needs. Not only that but each agent gets their own profile where they can brand themselves to gain more clients. This is one way Surterre Properties gives their agents the tools and support they need. This feature is also available on the Surterre Properties website, if you would like to see more you can read more about their website here. 


About Us

A small but important section on the mobile application is the About Us page. Although this may seem like a small nuance but it is very important for Surterre Properties branding and communication. This page allows new clients to understand and get a short background into the many years of Surterre Properties success. This sets the tone of the brand for some who may not know about the history of the company. This also allows Surterre Properties to gain social media followers as well, which helps keep an open communication channel between them and their clients.

The Result

This mobile application delivers the luxury and quality of their website to the mobile world by delivering top of the line features for their clients. Clean and simple designs of the mobile app contribute to that quality feel and create a straight forward navigation through the mobile app for clients. We continually work with Surterre Properties in order to develop a stronger technology partnership. It allows us to better understand their brand so we can continually incorporate that into their mobile presence.
You can download the application from the App Store or Google Play Store.  

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