Crimson Mobile

Project Description

CMDI provides campaign management software and services for the Republican campaigns. Since members of a campaign team spend a lot of time in the field, they wanted to make their flagship campaign management platform, Crimson, accessible anywhere. They approached us about creating a mobile presence. The initial mobile application started out simple, with access to basic campaign management functions. Over the last five years, we have worked closely with CMDI to turn Crimson Mobile into a valuable part of their software offering. Campaigns can see their fundraising dashboard, manage donors, access task sheets, check events, and, most importantly, process donation through their phone. The partnership has resulted in a mobile app that serves as a perfect compliment to their desktop offering.

Project Details

Client CMDI
Launched September 2010
Updated June 2015

Key Features

Crimson Mobile now allows the user several more features than when we initially launched the application back in 2010.

One of the main changes was in the design. We updated the color scheme to allow for a better design vision and an easier way for the clients to navigate through the application.

The Result

Crimson is a constantly evolving platform and features always need to be added or removed from the mobile application. Throughout the years we have worked closely with Crimson to ensure that their mobile application is meeting the needs of their users- as their users are the basis of their company’s success.

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