What is “Aumnia”?

Behind every company name is a story, and this is ours.

When we created the company, we wanted a name that was unique but related to our original mission of developing mobile websites and applications. Out of this idea, our company name was born. Aumnia is an acronym made up of the words “automated”, “mobile”, “interactive”, and “applications”. While the original mission has expanded and the services offered grown, one thing has remained a constant since the beginning. We are committed to understanding your business and delivering solutions of the highest quality that produce the results you want.

Who We Are

We're a software services company located in Southern California. We offer a range of services designed for you with an emphasis on web and mobile technology development.

What We Do

We like designing and building websites, web applications, and mobile applications. We provide software design, development, and consulting services to help you build your business in the digital world.

All this might seem complex, but that’s where we come in. We’ve been in the business of doing this since 2006, so we’re here to build what you need. We enjoy sharing our knowledge base to help you achieve your technology goals.