App Review: The Hockey News

With the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals well underway, I thought it would be appropriate to review a hockey app that I have used during this past season to keep updated on news and scores of my favorite teams.  I will be reviewing the BlackBerry version but the app is also available on the iPhone.


The Hockey News


This app is free and is available for OTA download by pointing your mobile browser to The front page of the app shows the current scoreboard of the games during that day and you can scroll through them. If the game is in progress, you can click the link and it will take you to the live stats of that game. If you missed a game, you can go to the Scores/Schedules page to view today’s and yesterday’s game summaries. In the Team Standings page, you can view the standings by conference and by division and I have noticed that the stats were updated very quickly after a game has concluded. If you are a fantasy player, there is a section that shows Player Stats, but it only shows the top 10 skaters and goalies.

Aside from stats and numbers, there is a section that has links to the latest articles and news. The content is pretty good but it is limited to articles that are posted on The Hockey News. It would be better if they had a section that showed articles from different sources. The articles are cached on your device and if you set it up to automatically update, you can actually read them on a plane or somewhere where there isn’t any wireless coverage.

What I Like about the App:

  • A single place to quickly and easily view the current day’s games and scores.
  • The ability to view live game stats and the scores automatically refresh.
  • Team standings are updated very quickly after each game. This is a great feature during playoff races when you’re trying to determine your team’s chances to get into the post season.

What I Don’t Like about the App:

  • On the Team Standings page, I wish they had a column that showed the number of games played. That would come in handy during the end of the season when looking at playoff races.
  • The Schedules page shows all the games that are scheduled for a certain day (all teams). It would be nice to be able to see a schedule for a specific team.
  • The articles are limited to content from The Hockey News.


One criteria for a good application is that it needs to be self contained. That means it needs to provide all the information that I need without having to go to a second app or web page to get the remaining information.  Except for the fact that it doesn’t show the number of games played (or games remaining) in the standings, The Hockey News mobile app is a great application for hockey fans. It saves you from having to go to your computer when watching hockey to get scores from around the league. I give this app a 9/10 and is a must have for hockey fans. To download this free app, point your mobile browser to