ReBarCamp OC was an inspiring conversation!

Last Thursday was my fourth exposure to the RE Barcamp revolution, this time at RE Barcamp OC.  Similar to the others I attended in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Denver, the OC location had its own personality that sparked interesting and thought-provoking conversations throughout the whole day.

To start off, OC was the first RE barcamp to actually be held at a bar (not to mention steps from the beautiful sand).  The day kicked-off with Jim Marks inspiring the participants with a little barcamp history and their roles in the day.  As usual, he got everyone fired up to learn, share, and create change.  One big difference between the previous RE barcamps I attended and this one was how we managed the day’s schedule.  At previous RE barcamps, people use to rush up to the board after the keynote speech and start writing down conversations they want to facilitate, but this usually led to a lot of overlapping topics throughout the day.  This time, Jim Marks and Stacey Harmon (the organizers) took topic suggestions and questions from all the participants, and then they arranged the days agenda based on these suggestions and simply assigned people to moderate each discussion.  I found this approach very refreshing and more productive since it eliminated the same topic from being discussed in separate sessions and brought together all the opinions in a single room resulting in more meaningful (and sometimes heated) conversations.  I love it… this is how change happens!

As an example, I attended a session on the future of real estate search.  This was the most interesting discussion I’ve been a part of during all my RE barcamp experiences.  At times the discussion became controversial, but that’s all part of the fun – there was passion displayed by the participants.  During this session, David Gibbons from Zillow moderated conversations ranging from IDX to SEO to mobile websites.  I would love to join more of these types of discussions at future RE Barcamps.

The RE barcamp OC organizers and volunteers did a great job!  If you haven’t been to a RE barcamp and want to experience one, I highly recommend going to REBarcamp San Francisco on Aug 4th.   It’s worth the trip!

On The Road: Next Stop – Orange County


We will be out on the road again next week, attending the Orange County RE BarCamp on Thursday June 25. We are cheating a bit on the travel for this one, as it is right in our own backyard, but there is no way we could pass up the opportunity to connect up with the indecrible group of people that will be gathering in Newport Beach next week. This event will be our fourth RE BarCamp since the beginning of April, and we are looking forward to it. We have not been disappointed by the quality of the people and discussions at any of the previous events.

Devesh will once again be representing Aumnia at this RE BarCamp, so make sure to look for him and say Hi! He will be hosting a session entitled: Mobile Marketing – Going from Cool to Results. He will be sharing what we have found works in the mobile environment for real estate professionals, covering the latest developments in the mobile space, and soliciting feedback from participants to see what services they have tried and what has worked for them. If you’re curious how you can use this emerging medium to drive results for you, would like to find out to get the most of your mobile device, want to learn the difference between text messaging and the mobile internet, or are just curious about mobile technologies and how they work, then make sure to attend the session.

If there are any topics you would like to see us cover or questions you have regarding mobile applications, services, technologies or hardware, please leave us a comment so Devesh can address it during the session.

In the interest of full disclosure, Aumnia is a proud sponsor of the RE BarCamp Orange County event.