Comey & Shepherd New Release

Comey & Shepherd New Release


Introducing Drive Time by Inrix on the latest release of the site.

We’re thrilled to announce the newest release of the Comey & Shepherd mobile site. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Comey & Shepherd have a history of topping the market in their region. For a mid-size brokerage, Comey & Shepherd is constantly trying to raise the bar by innovating new ways to create a more user friendly base for their clients. They wanted to add more personable and customized features to the latest release of their mobile presence, so here at Aumnia we helped them to construct that vision into a reality.


With Comey & Shepherd, we wanted to focus on a design that really highlighted how innovative of a brokerage that Comey & Shepherd truly is. Over our time working with Comey & Shepherd, we have constantly been evolving their mobile site as they themselves change over time. Therefore, we added two incredible Screenshot_2015-09-15-12-19-08 (1)_framednew features to their latest launch that really help to take their mobile site to the next level.

Map Search

From wherever their clients may be, Aumnia integrated a map search feature into the latest release. Clients are now able to search properties in the immediate area they are in. Maybe they aren’t in the neighborhood they’re considering? Not a problem, they can simply drag and drop their pin to the area they would rather see properties in and the map will adjust and show them nearby properties to their pin in that area. The map is conveniently color coded to make distinguishing different properties easier for clients.

  • Red- The property is under contract
  • Green- This is a new property listing
  • Light Blue- This property currently has an open house
  • Navy- Regular listing, nothing special is happening with the property at this time

When you click on a listing, an info box appears with the price of the property listing and quick specs on how many beds and baths the property has. From there, clicking on the info takes you to the main listing page in which you can then use the next newest feature- DriveTime™.


We’re most excited to announce a great new featured powered by INRIX, a data company that tracks traffic times- conveniently called DriveTime™. What does this mean for clients? When they go to the mobile site, they can now see what things like commute times would look like from the property listings they’re looking at to their place of employment. This helps clients find the homes in their desired area based on where they spend a lot of their time outside of the home. When in the DriveTime™ feature, clients can simply enter the address of their job, children’s school, their school, and then search for homes 10, 15, 20 minutes away depending on how long they wish their commute to be and when they usually arrive at these locations. Taking data by analyzing traffic times during the time the client wishes to be somewhere at, the system draws them an area in which they can search for properties in the right area for their needs. This not only helps the agents better understand their clients restraints when it comes to finding their dream home, but also helps the client find an agent who specializes in the area they wish to live. This feature also helps Comey & Shepherd reach prospective clients who may be relocating to the area and don’t know much about traffic and commute times in the area they’re moving too. We helped make Comey & Shepherd the first brokerage in Cincinnati to integrate this technology by Inrix into their mobile site.

Navigation & Interface

Screenshot_2015-09-15-12-18-41 (1)_framedThe new mobile site has a cleaner and easier to use navigation that can be accessed from anywhere in the application. Additionally, we’ve included an easier mode of contact for clients looking through the site to get in touch with an agent. As we have maintained a long standing partnership with Comey & Shepherd, we have continually provided updates to their interface, but this release is the largest overhaul we have done in terms of the design. We simplified, modernized, and overall create a much more user friendly experience for their clients. Comey & Shepherd love being innovative for their clients and we wanted to create a mobile site that reflected that.

It Doesn’t End Here

Comey & Shepherd continues to invest in standing out from their competitors and we’re committed to helping them achieve this differentiation. Based on the fact that sometimes their mobile site can garner up to 15,000 visits a month, only means that the site will continue to evolve as the clients and brokerage change.


Are Millennials Changing the Way We Sell?


In short, yes.

It’s a common thinking these days that millennials aren’t buying. They’re much more free spirited than past generations- so we assume they aren’t trying to settle down and buy homes. While I’m sure this can be true of some young people, generalizations like this can be dangerous. It can be the difference between having future clients and not. The facts behind whether or not millennials are buying doesn’t support the trope that “millennials don’t want to buy homes”.


Three Hot Apps To Check Out

Three Hot Apps To Check Out

As summer comes to a close, it’s important to start fall off on the right foot. We’ve been searching for some of the coolest apps that are currently out on the market and went ahead and complied a list of our three personal favorites we’ve seen. Ranging from Hootsuite for your social media, Open Home Pro for hosting your Open Houses, all the way to keeping you up to date on that latest going on with SmartNews; these three apps will keep you on your toes and ready for anything this coming season.




Managing your social media iiOS_Composes a full time job and Hootsuite recognizes that. Hootsuite helps to simplify brand awareness over multiple social media channels. You don’t want keeping up with your social media to consume the bulk of your time, but you don’t want to disappear as a social presence. Hootsuite helps with organizing your apps and keeping track of your home screen on the application and any mentions, likes, etc that are being done on your profiles. This way you can keep track of the home feed and be updated of customer interactions with your sites so that you’re able to stay on top of everything in one seamless design. In fact, Hootsuite just announced that they have now added Instagram, which can help up your online social media game through photos.

Additionally, you can even schedule posts to send at certain times and track posts all from the simple dash. Hootsuite even allows you to monitor the analytics on your various platforms. We here at Aumnia use Hootsuite to keep track of our social media platforms in order to make sure we haven’t become a ghost to the internet. Hootsuite also has a very user friendly interface which is great for those of you who are still not so sure how social media sites work yet. The free version of Hootsuite allows you to add up to five social media sites, which for smaller businesses is ideal because it’s free and you probably don’t own more than five sites. For $8.99 you can pay to upgrade and add up to fifty media sites and you can add a team member to the account so they can also keep track and look on with you. The only thing to be careful on with Hootsuite is that some of their analytics data that they’re keeping track for you will cost money to obtain. I would still recommend trying out Hootsuite, but Google Analytics is my friend for research (Which I’ll touch on in another post soon). In any case, Hootsuite is a social media dashboard app to try and see if it helps you to personally better organize your online presence. Go here to download Hootsuite to get started.


Open Home Pro


Ditch the pen and paper of the past and say hello to your new favorite tablet application. In real estate, open houses are one of the most important ways to meet with prospective clients and bring you that much closer to closing a deal. Open Home Pro removes the need to have visitor’s write down their name and contact information as they tour through, instead providing a simple sign in process through the app that then saves all visitor’s information. After the open house, Open Home Pro even sends emails to follow up with those prospective clients that toured the home that day. There are two tabs on the page- Lisitings and Leads. With Lisitings you can view the properties that you have up; in addition to photos you can post about the home.With Leads, once you have prospective clients information the app will tell you if they’re working with another agent or not and if they are pre-approved for a mortgage. Almost sounds too good to be true, right? The app allows you to pay extra a month to upgrade to their Premium version of the app, but so far the free version works just great. The app also works great with both the iPad and Android tablets which allows everyone in the office to utilize the time saving benefits of the application. As mentioned the app is free– so take it for a trial run and let us know what you think!

For iPhones      For Androids
home pro




Staying up to date on the latest news has never been easier thanks to SmartNeSmartNews Screen Homews, a mobile news app that is completely customizable to what you want to know about what’s going on in the world. At the top of SmatNews are several tabs that you can customize, the only static one being top news from around the world. Examples of SmartNews tabs are World, Entertain, Lifestyle, Biz, Tech, and so forth. In addition to these broad categories, SmartNews also allows you to follow specific news sites like CNN, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and Inman. You can always add more or less tabs depending on how many sites you want to be updated on daily. Additionally, SmartNews will send you a “Morning Update”, “Midday Update”, and “Evening Update”. Apps like CNN or FOX News always have a way of sending way too many updates too often during the day- SmartNews had a customized scheduling for the three updates of the day and only sends out the top news story trending at that moment in time. Even better, SmartNews is completely free.

For iPhones        For Androids







App Review: Renewing Your Fitness Resolutions

This is a repost of an article Gregg published on our miniListings blog that I want to share with all of you.

Did you decide that 2011 was the year you were going to focus on getting fit? Now that we are four months into the year, how are you doing?

For a lot of people, this is around the time when those New Year’s resolutions start to fade. How do I know? I see it at my local gym. It starts filling up during January, reaches a peak in February, and then fades through March and April. In fact, when I was at the gym this morning, it was about half as full as it was in mid-February.

If you’ve fallen behind in your fitness goals, or just want to keep better track of them, your smartphone can help – a lot! Devesh and I have been using a few fitness apps this year, and for this month’s app review, I wanted to highlight the apps we’ve found particularly useful.

My Tracks

I got a Golden Retriever last summer and somehow got appointed as the official dog walker for the family (long story, don’t ask). As I went on my various walks, I became curious how far I was going and thought it would be neat to track it. Enter an app called My Tracks.

My Tracks uses the GPS in your phone to track how far you walk and where. It also keeps stats for your walk such as time of walk, speed, elevation, average speed and max speed. I particularly like that I can upload each walk to a Google spreadsheet. Then, at the end of the month, I can tally up my results and see how far I walked.

In addition to walks, you can use My Tracks to track any outdoor activity – running, hiking and biking. So if you’re trying to set goals for yourself, this app is a must. For example, my walking goal started at 50 miles per month at the beginning of the year, and I’ve since moved it to 70 miles. Once you can track your progress, it’s fun trying to beat it.

My Tracks is a free Android-only app, but the iPhone has an equivalent call RunKeeper that Devesh uses.


I use MyFitnessPal on my iPhone and obsess about it daily. It’s a really easy way to track your workouts and food intake on a daily basis, so you can make sure your meeting caloric goals. The keys to MyFitnessPal are its easy-to-use interface and large database of crowd-sourced foods which make tracking my daily caloric ins & outs simple… basically eliminating all excuses not to use it.

MyFitnessPal let’s you create a public or private profile with your fitness targets, basic things like height, gender, current weight, target weight, activity level, etc. It then sets your Net Calorie Goal based on the amount of weight you want to lose (if that’s your goal… it’s mine) and the amount you plan to workout every week. It takes only 5 mins to download and setup. Then you simply start entering whatever you do or eat. Simple (I’ve used that word a few times because it really is).

Using MyFitnessPal, I also monitor my daily nutrient breakdown so I know what type of foods to eat so I can stay on target. It’s obviously an honor system thing, but to see what you are eating in writing definitely guilts you to stay true. The app also lets you see your weekly performance and has a social media component built in that pushes messages to your “friends” on your positive AND negative progress. The best message is “Devesh has not logged in for 3 days”… oops.

MyFitnessPal is a free app available for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. You can get more details on the MyFitnessPal website.

Daily Burn

Daily Burn is very similar to MyFitnessPal. It helps users track workouts, calorie intake, and review progress. I used this app first for about 6 months before switching to MyFitnessPal. The best feature of Daily Burn is it’s workout tracker – I could setup workout routines and the interface walked me through each exercise easily. When I was using it, the interface for food entry was too slow and complex so I wasn’t motivated to keep using it… basically gave me excuses to cheat.

Daily Burn has a free version and then paid versions that unlock more sophisticated tracking features. I have a feeling the paid version fixes some of the issues I mentioned, but I didn’t want to pay since I found a free app that works – MyFitnessPal.

It’s possible that you could have different findings than me, so if you want to give Daily Burn a try, visit their website.

The Habit Factor®

At a recent networking event, someone told me about The Habit Factor®. I just got around to loading it on my phone and am anxious to start using it.

In a nutshell, The Habit Factor® encourages you to set goals that you want to reach, and then track the habits to reach those goals. It is based on the book The Habit Factor® written by Martin Grunburg.

For example, you might have a goal to lose 10 pounds or to run a 5K. You set your goal and then create the habits to reach it. To lose 10 pounds, your habits could be walk two miles per day, eat 2 pieces of fruit, consume less than 2,500 calories, use MyFitneesPal, etc. The app tracks your progress and provides reminders.

One of the best parts is that you can use it for more than fitness. If you have other personal or business goals, you can track them and their associated habits. You can also just track habits that you want to establish, even if you don’t have a goal associated with them.

I like the concept of the app and hope to incorporate it into my daily routine (hey – my first goal!). The opening screen has great quotes about setting habits. Here’s a couple samples:

  • “We first make out habits, and then our habits make us.” – Charles C. Noble
  • “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn
  • “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” – Vince Lombardi

There is a “lite” (free) version for Android and iPhone, and a premium version that you can upgrade to once you get more serious.

Your smartphone can be a powerful ally in your quest to keep your resolutions this year, and these are just a small sample of the apps available. Devesh and I would love for you to share other fitness apps that you’ve found useful – please leave them in the comments.

Good luck getting back or staying on track with those fitness goals for 2011!

(I’d like to thank Devesh for the MyFitnessPal and Daily Burn reviews)