We Watched- But Now Should We Upgrade?

We Watched- But Now Should We Upgrade?

Yesterday Apple held their event to let you know exactly what to expect in the new wave of Apple releases- we’re talking from the new Apple Pencil to the iPhone 6s Plus.


– Apple, now that their giant event is over and the internet is moving on.

So should you try to crawl into your attic space to find your long lost sleeping bag to wait with the other thousands of people who want to be some of the first to own the latest iPhone?


Mobile Market Wrap-up for June 19, 2009

Continuing from last week’s update, the big news this week was “opening day” for the iPhone 3GS.  I’m sure most everyone heard about the upcoming release with all the media outlets covering the excitement and anticipation of the loyal Apple disciples.  As expected, there were very long lines on Thursday night in front of all Apple stores across the country, and if today’s crowds are a good indicator, Apple should sell the current analyst estimates of approximately 500,000 iPhone 3GS units this weekend.  It is impressive but only about half of the units that the iPhone 3G sold its opening weekend.  Seems like it’s another successful brainwashing launch by Apple.

There was one big difference with this year’s launch vs. last year’s for Apple.  I heard more critics, analysts and radio/TV personalities who actively use a BlackBerry question the need or rational for switching to Apple, especially since their BlackBerriess can already do almost everything the iPhone can do, minus the gimmicks.  It was refreshing (mainly because I agree with them).

 Well, this is a great lead in to the next major highlight from this week which is RIM’s first quarter results.  Beyond a 33% jump in profit, RIM now has a whopping 55% marketshare of the US smartphone market.  That’s up from 40% in the previous two quarters and brings their total subscribers to 28.5 million.  All I can say is WOW!

The past couple of weeks have been dominated with handset news and this week was no different.  It’s definitely handset season right now.  This week there were several articles and announcements that indicate the smartphone market wars are just getting started: 

It will be a fun battle to watch as the handset manufactures fight for marketshare (although most of the battle will be dictated by the overly-powerful US carriers).

As I’ve done in the last couple market wrap-ups, I will end with news, stories, or opinions I found interesting during this week

That’s all for this week’s update.  As always, please leave a comment below about any news or stories you find that are worth sharing with our readers.