Apple iPhone OS 3.0

If you are an iPhone user, you may have heard that Apple recently announced the availability of iPhone OS 3.0  to developers. This is the latest iteration of their OS and upgrades will be available to iPhone users later this summer for free . Here are some interesting features that the new OS will provide:

Faster JavaScript: Web applications running in Mobile Safari will render almost 3x faster. There are a lot of cool apps that can run in the browser but the 2.x OS is slow and makes some apps not very usable. Running a web app doesn’t require you to download a program and you are always guaranteed to be running the latest version.

In-App purchasing: This is an important feature that will allow you, as the developer,  to charge the end user (directly from your program) more money after the initial purchase (e.g product sales, subscription service, mobile payment, maintenance fees, more features,  etc….)

VoIP capability: Skype has already released their new iPhone app which currently only works over WiFi. The big question is whether or not the carriers will allow VoIP apps to run over 3G data? If so, say goodbye to outrageous long distance and roaming charges on your phone. I doubt the carriers will allow this but I think it’s only a matter of time before they realize that there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Peer-to-peer WiFi connectivity: communicating directly with other iPhones will open the door to some cool apps. Will we see P2P file sharing? With the combination of VoIP, we could possibly see the emergence of P2P wireless voice networks.

The new 3.0 OS has a lot of great new features,  giving developers more tools to create even more innovative applications. Not only is this exciting news for iPhone users, it is important to the entire mobile industry in general because it will push innovation across the board on all platforms.