We all know that most people read their email and social network updates using their phone. Here’s how to share your profile with your bio, contact information and your listings, so people will get the best experience for viewing your profile based upon the device they’re using.

Step 1: Find your profile on the Surterre Properties website

Got to http://www.surterreproperties.com on a computer (desktop or laptop) and select the ‘Agent Directory’ heading from the navigation bar.

Surterre Properties Home Page

Then search for your name using the Quick Search box on the right hand side of the page.

Agent quick search

Step 2: Copy the URL for your profile

Once on your profile page, copy the URL for your profile page from the browser’s URL bar. The example I’m showing is for Google’s Chrome browser. The process is similar for Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Agent Profile - John Trevino

Step 3: Paste the URL into an email, put it in your email signature, or placet it in your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile

Once you have copied the URL from the browser bar, you can place it in emails, put it in your email signature, or put it in your social media profiles.

Yes, it’s that simple. People who view your profile through that link will get the best experience no matter what device they use. If they’re on a mobile phone, they’ll get directed to the mobile application to view your profile. If they are on a computer (desktop or laptop) or tablet, they’ll get the full desktop website experience and can contact you from there.

By the way, the QR codes on your business cards have been set up with the proper URL so people will automatically get redirected to your mobile profile when they scan the code with their phones.