Looking for another way to generate inquiries for your property? In this tip, I’m going to show you how you can generate a free QR code for your listing(s) that you can place on yard signs and sign riders, flyers, post cards, brochures, and more. Anywhere that you can place a sticker or an image, you can put a QR code for your listing.

If you are not familiar with QR codes and want to learn more, I would suggest reading these articles before proceeding:

Step 1: Find your listing on the Surterre Properties website

Go to http://www.surterreproperties.com on a computer (desktop or laptop) and find your listing. The easiest way to do this is to enter the MLS # in the universal property search box on the home page. You should be directed to the property details page for your listing.

For this example, I entered the MLS # NP14018029 in the universal search box on the home page.

Surterre Properties quick search QR codes

which brings me to the details page for 3 Cypress Point Lane.

3 Cypress Point Lane

Step 2: Copy the URL for the listing

Once on your property details page, copy the URL for the property details page from the browser’s URL bar. The example I’m showing is for Google’s Chrome browser. The process is similar for Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Property URL QR codes

Step 3: Go to a QR code generation website

There are many, many free QR code generation websites that you can go to. My personal favorite is http://goqr.me, which I will use for the rest of this example. A Google search for QR code generators will provide a long list to choose from.

If you use the goqr.me site, the first thing you will want to do after the page loads is to select the QR code type, which in our case is ‘URL’. Select the globe under type (see red circled icon in the image).

goqr.me home page

Step 4: Paste the URL in the content box

Paste the URL that you copied from step 2 above in the content URL box.

goqr.me enter URL

Step 5: Download your Free QR code

After pasting the URL, your QR code will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Choose the Download button (see the red circled button in the image below).

goqr.me Download QR code

and then select the size of the image and the file type you’d like. A 400px square will be plenty big enough for most applications. For format, I would recommend selecting the PNG format for embedding in documents and online materials, and the EPS format if you plan to send the image to a printer for creating stickers or for high quality print materials.

goqr.me save QR code

Save the image(s) on your computer, and you’re all done!

There you have it, you have just created a free QR code that you can use to promote your listing.

As a final disclaimer, I will be the first to admit that QR codes are not the end-all, be-all to marketing listings. QR code awareness among consumers is still relatively low, so don’t expect this to generate a huge number of leads. However, if you are able to generate one more transaction this year by using a QR code, then it will be well worth the investment!