If your wrapping your Sencha Touch application in PhoneGap/Cordova using Sencha Cmd to automate the tasks here are some tips for when the process does not go smoothly.

First off since your starting with an existing Sencha Touch application you initialize the project for PhoneGap with this Sencha Cmd syntax:
sencha phonegap init App-Id App-Name
App-Id is usually in reverse domain notation (com.company.AppName) but this is also used as the package in the resulting Java (at least for Android) source file.  Be sure you get it right or if you want to change it I suggest doing a sencha phonegap remove and starting over as the builds tend to fail silently in cases like this.

Also note that App-Name should be the same as the value in the “name” property in the Sencha Touch app.json config file.


If all you get is a white screen in the emulator there is probably a JavaScript exception or bad asset reference happening before PhoneGap/Cordova initializes.  Remember this is just an html5 app so try loading it directly in your browser (file://) and then refer to the browsers developer tools console for hints.

In Chrome F12 followed by Ctrl-O then navigate to your Sencha project directory and select the index.html in the phonegap/www directory.


If your using Adobe’s phonegap build service they do have built in debugging but if your app is not launching correctly or hangs before the weirne debugger sees your target try some of these techniques:

  • Download the .apk file from build.phonegap.com and load it into a running Android emulator with: adb install path/to/app.apk
  • In the case where a local build works but pushing to the phonegap build service is failing you can zip up the contents of the phonegap/platforms/android/ directory for example and manually upload it via their web interface.  This was useful for me when my local phonegap install was 3.5.0 but the Adobe service only supported up to v3.4.0


In the case that your sencha app build -run native command is failing silently and depending on your remote setting (phonegap.local.properties) either is not spawning the emulator or not uploading your app to the phonegap build service try executing phonegap directly:

From your Sencha project directory cd phonegap then for example phonegap build android This will give you much more verbose output which hopefully will point you to your problem.


  • http://phonegap.com/blog/2013/11/20/SenchaPhoneGap/