Relocation America International App

Relocation America International App

Relocation America International Mobile Application

Project Description

Relocation America International is a relocation services company that manages all aspects of the employee relocation process for their clients. They manage all of the logistics of the process, from preparing the employee, or transferee, for the relocation, to helping them with the move, to assisting them with the transition to their new location. Relocation America International approached us to build an application for their clients’ transferees that would allow them to augment the personalized, high-touch service they provide. We invested time with them up front to understand the company, what their brand represents, and the goals and outcomes that they wanted to achieve with the app. By understanding the company’s core values and brand promise, we were able to build an application that allowed them to improve the service they offer while maintaining their core values.

Project Details

Client Relocation America International

Initial Release June 2016

Latest Update N/A


The primary feature of the Relocation America International application is to provide the transferee with quick and easy access to everything they need to complete their move. The home page has links to all of the key items that a transferee would need during their move. They can use the app to capture expenses and submit expense reports for approval and reimbursement while on the go. The app also includes access to their relocation documents and their relocation timeline showing up to date status of key events during their move. The most important feature of the app, perhaps, is the ability of the transferee to easily contact their Global Mobility Consultant (GMC).
Being able to quickly and easily contact the GMC is the key feature and centerpiece of the app. Personalized service is a differentiating feature and a important part of the value proposition that Relocation America International offers their clients. Our goal was to have the app complement and extend the service that the GMC provides to their transferees, not to replace the GMC or provide a buffer between the GMC and the transferee. Therefore, we included numerous methods within the app by which the transferee can contact the GMC with questions during their move. We also added a personal touch by including the GMC photo and their bio. Along with Relocation America International, we recognized that the relocation process can be a confusing and stressful time for the transferee. We wanted the app to assist with the creation of a personal connection between the GMC and the transferee in order to facilitate a smoother relocation process.

The Result

Relocation America International wanted a way to better connect to their clients and have them more involved in the relocation process. Through working with them on the application development, we have been able to incorporate that concept into it. With quick access to all of their relocation information and easy communication with their GMC through the app, transferees are more aware and involved in their relocation process than ever before. Overall, the application reinforces the high quality service and personal touch that Relocation America International strives to provide to their clients and their transferees.

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