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Why You Should Unlock Your Smartphone

Unlocking your smart phone isn't as difficult as it used to be. But what does it mean to unlock? Basically, when you buy a phone through a particular carrier, you are "locked" to that carrier's services. Unlocking your phone, means that not only can your phone use the...

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Are Millennials Changing the Way We Sell?

In short, yes. It's a common thinking these days that millennials aren't buying. They're much more free spirited than past generations- so we assume they aren't trying to settle down and buy homes. While I'm sure this can be true of some young people, generalizations...

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How To Add Email Accounts to Your Gmail App

This article shows the steps on how to add non-google email accounts to your Gmail apps. Follow the same steps in regards to adding your Gmail account, as the steps are very similar and only vary slightly. As useful as Google is, it can still present its challenges...

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Three Hot Apps To Check Out

As summer comes to a close, it's important to start fall off on the right foot. We've been searching for some of the coolest apps that are currently out on the market and went ahead and complied a list of our three personal favorites we've seen. Ranging from Hootsuite...

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Mobile Phone Buying Guide: August 2015

Technology seems to be changing at the speed of light. Unfortunately here at Aumnia, we work at a human speed. In our brief hiatus from keeping you informed on all things mobile, we’ve been working hard (or hardly working?). With a little more manpower at the helm,...

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ASP.NET MVC DropDownListFor exception

If you create a basic view model with some data you wish to present in an HTML select list you might proceed as follows by using the C# 3.0 feature of automatic properties: public class Agent { public int SelectedOfficeId { get; set; } public...

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