Yesterday Apple held their event to let you know exactly what to expect in the new wave of Apple releases- we’re talking from the new Apple Pencil to the iPhone 6s Plus.


– Apple, now that their giant event is over and the internet is moving on.

So should you try to crawl into your attic space to find your long lost sleeping bag to wait with the other thousands of people who want to be some of the first to own the latest iPhone?

Okay, before we all get too eager about the release of the new iPhone, which was the crowning jewel of the entire event, we should first look at how the iPhone 6s compares to the iPhone 6.

In terms of specs, the iPhone 6s boosts a significantly better feature upgrades than it’s predecessor.

iphoneresizeThe camera, front and back, was one of the newest and most exciting upgrades that Apple announced. the second exciting one to follow was the ‘3D Touch’, the same idea as the ‘Force Touch’ that is already apart of the Apple watches. With stronger aluminum and screen, hopefully there will be less bent phones and shattered iPhone screens in the future.

And of course, this phone hauls some serious processor speed, making it faster than the iPhone 6.

Apple also announced the roll out date for their new software- September 16th. iOS 9 has some new features, but also fixes a lot of little bugs that were going on with iOS 8.

With that said, if you just recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and are kicking yourself for not waiting to upgrade- don’t worry. We wouldn’t advise for you to upgrade, because your phone will still be supported by Apple and heck- the iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus) is still a great phone, even compared to the latest model release. However, if you’re still carrying out anything 5s or older, now is the time you should upgrade to the 6s. With the release of iOS 9, it most certainly will be a continuous uphill battle for your poor old iPhone to handle. This is definitely one of the “old iPhone phase outs” that Apple is notorious for.

If you’re really hating your Android, now would be a good time to switch teams. Apple also announced their new plan that will help eliminate FOMO everywhere- their upgrade program, which is separate from major carriers. For as little as $15 a month, you can upgrade your iPhone to the latest and greatest one every year. Even better, this includes Apple Care+, which protects your phone from long midnight swims or the concrete kiss of death. Best of all, since you aren’t locked into a carrier with their upgrade plan, you can wheel and deal for the best carrier plan, switch to prepaid, or take it with you overseas.

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No need to sleep on concrete for this one folks.