I get asked by a lot of people I meet if Aumnia means or stands for anything, so I thought it would be a fun topic for my second blog post. It’s a short story but before I go into that, here is the current meaning of Aumnia…

Aumnia = automated mobile and interactive applications

Pretty cool, eh? (yes I’m Canadian but my accent only comes out when I type). And yes, I did say the current definition … that’s right, it changed over time.

When we were in the process of starting the company, picking a name proved to be quite a process. Like most technology startups, we could have named the company after a description of our technology (yawn… boring), our names (too complicated… who’s initial goes first), or after an animal or historical figure (possibly bad inferences that we can’t predict). So we decided to come up with something unique and original. Easy right? … wrong. Our challenge was that we only had a general sense of we were going to do, but didn’t really know what products or markets we would focus on, so the name had to be flexible but still relevant.

After a couple of weeks, we went on a road trip down to San Diego. While in the car on highway 5, it hit me. Whatever we build will be automated (or “au”) … we had our starting. We would also work with some sort of media… so we now we had “aum”. That wasn’t enough. At that time, we generally thought advertising might be involved (good buzz word which didn’t last for us) but it gave us “aum&a” which became “aumna”. Hmm… something just didn’t sound right. Then we thought, how about “Aumnia”? It sounded good, we all liked it, but we needed an “i” from something, and that’s when we came up with “interactive”. Aumnia became “automated media and interactive advertising”. Perfect.

But wait, isn’t there “mobile” and “applications” in our name? Well, over time as our company evolved, so did our products and along with it, our name. As we began to focus on mobile and mobile applications, we were (luckily) able to redefine our name to stand for “automated mobile and interactive applications”. Now it’s perfect.

As a final note, a few people struggle with the pronunciation of our name, so we just tell them to read it as it is written. If that doesn’t help, here is an easy mnemonic device … when you think of Aumnia, think automated.