Aumnia is heading out on the road again next week. Devesh will be in San Francisco attending Real Estate Bar Camp San Francisco on August 4th . We’re excited to be a part of the event since it is the anniversary of the first Real Estate Bar Camp, which kicked-off an incredible movement of real estate professionals gathering in cities across the country to discuss all sorts of cool ways to apply technology to real estate. Since San Francisco last year, RE Bar Camps have sprung up in places from Portland to Boston to Houston and everywhere in between. We have had the pleasure of attending RE Bar Camps in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver and Orange County and have had a great time connecting with, learning from, and sharing information with an incredibly talented group of people. It’s great to see the movement return to its point of origin and continue forward. The growth and excitement around the events we’ve seen has been phenomenal and would not be possible without the incredible number of volunteers in each location that are willing to spend the time and effort to plan and facilitate each event. Devesh helped out a bit behind the scenes with the Orange County RE Bar Camp and can personally attest to the amount of effort and work involved.

Devesh will be available during RE Bar Camp to answer any questions you might have regarding the use of mobile technology in real estate, including apps, mobile search, trends in the technology and other related mobile topics. If there is enough interest, he is also ready and able to lead a session and facilitate an interactive discussion on mobile technologies. In either case, if you see Devesh roaming around RE Bar Camp, make sure to stop him and say Hi! And if you have never attended a Real Estate Bar Camp, get out there, sign-up and participate. You’ll be glad you did.

In addition to Real Estate Bar Camp, Devesh will also be representing Aumnia at the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference that is being held August 5 – August 7 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Devesh isn’t scheduled for any formal speaking events, but he’ll be available if you aren’t able to connect with him at the San Francisco RE Bar Camp.

By the way, if there are any questions, issues, or specific topics you would like to discuss with Devesh while he is at San Francisco RE Bar Camp or Inman Connect, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

In the interest of full disclosure, Aumnia is a proud sponsor of the San Francisco Real Estate Bar Camp.