Apple issued a press release this morning that they have surpassed 2 Billion download through its “revolutionary App Store.” The release went on to state that there are over 85,000 apps available for download. Impressive numbers indeed, but are they a good thing for anyone but Apple? The short answer is no.

These numbers indicate how bloated and unusable the App Store has become for product marketers. It is so crowded that it has become impossible for companies to get their apps noticed, unless they have the resources for an expensive promotional campaign through traditional channels. In other words, if you release an app just “to have an app”, you’d be better off spending your resources elsewhere. In fact, the only thing this release tells me is that Apple will continue to build the hype because they get 30% of the proceeds from paid app downloads. They are highly motivated to promote the App Store.

So if you want your brand to go mobile, how do you do it?
Simple – develop for the mobile internet.

Our position on the mobile internet versus applications has been well documented. I would encourage you to take a look at some of our previous articles on the subject. And for companies, I would urge them to beware the hype. The siren song of Apple’s marketing machine is powerful, but the companies who resist it and embrace the mobile internet will be the ones whose brand will have the lead in the mobile environment going forward. According to Google, they believe “the mobile Web will be vital in future app development because it is becoming too expensive to support and create programs for a wide variety of mobile platforms.”

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