A few days ago, Devesh wrote a blog entry on the mobile internet, “is it really worth the hype?” Well, to build on that thought, I wanted to share an interview Charlie Rose did with Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, earlier this month (the interview and its transcript can be found over at Techcrunch).


In the interview, Eric Schmidt talks about the importance of mobile technology and how Google plans to invest in and use it going forward. He confirms our beliefs that mobile phone usage worldwide is growing faster than PC usage, citing statistics of over 4 billion mobile users today growing to over 5 billion in the next 3-5 years. These numbers equate to over ½ the world’s population being mobile connected within 5 years! According to Eric, Google is intent on bringing more content to mobile phones in the form of television, books, and more, as well as providing a personalized experience to the user. Location-based services are also mentioned as an important piece of their mobile strategy. Clearly, Google has decided to make significant investments in mobile technologies. Still thinking the mobile internet is nothing but hype?


By the way, if you are interested in learning more about where Google is headed, there are a number of other interesting comments in the interview. For example, Eric is asked about acquiring Twitter, how Google treats privacy given the amount of personalized data it handles, and how user generated content is the “defining aspect of the internet” among many other items. It’s a great interview to watch if you have the time.