A friend of mine, Dustin Luther (@tyr) has created an interesting algorithm that he uses to determine the “most influential” people in a particular subject area on Twitter. You seed the algorithm with 10 Twitter usernames who are in the subject area, and then it analyzes their Twitter profiles and determines who is most followed amongst their peers. Since the seeding process is rather arbitrary, the results are in no means scientific or conclusive, but they are very interesting.

I recently ran the algorithm using 10 names from the mobile industry and here are the top 20 names that were returned from the algorithm. If nothing else, these are 20 good people to follow if you are in the mobile industry and use Twitter:

  1. Rudy De Waele – @mtrends
  2. Paul Golding – @pgolding
  3. Heike Scholz – @mobilezeitgeist
  4. Russell Buckley – @russellbuckley
  5. Ajit Jaokar – @AjitJaokar
  6. Mike Butcher – @mikebutcher
  7. Peggy Anne – @peggyanne
  8. Helen Keegan – @technokitten
  9. Andrew Grill – @AndrewGrill
  10. Graham Brown – @grahamdbrown
  11. Kei Shimada – @kei_shimada
  12. Lisa Whelan – @lisawhelan
  13. Tomi Ahonen – @tomiahonen
  14. Ilicco Elia – @ilicco
  15. James Parton – @jamesparton
  16. Robert Scoble – @Scobleizer
  17. Tor Bjorn Minde – @EricssonLabs
  18. Andreas Constatinou – @andreascon
  19. Caroline Lewko – @CarolineWIP
  20. Juha Christensen – @JuhaC

The most interesting takeaway from the list for me is its distinctly international flavor – particularly European. While some of this could be due to how the algorithm was seeded, I believe it reflects the fact that many of the thought leaders in mobile are located outside the U.S.

I’ll try to run the algorithm again in a few months and update the list. In the meantime, I’d be interested in the following:

  • Are you surprised by who is (or is not) on the list
  • Is there anyone not on the list who is a must follow in mobile?
  • What is your reaction or key takeaway from the list?

Feel free to  let me know in the comments.