This article shows the steps on how to add non-google email accounts to your Gmail apps. Follow the same steps in regards to adding your Gmail account, as the steps are very similar and only vary slightly.

As useful as Google is, it can still present its challenges when it comes to doing the simplest of things, like adding another email account to your mobile Gmail App. I’ve had my fair share of issues trying to make sure that all my accounts were in one place so that that I could fully utilize the ease of Gmail. Today I’ll give you some step by step instructions on how you can make sure that you don’t run into the issues that I’ve had that have landed me on the phone with customer support for hours, constantly on hold and being transferred through departments, that makes me want to throw my phone in frustration.

Where to Start:

The easiest place to begin is by already having the email account you want to add already created and up and running on your computer. You’ll need the log on information in order to add the account.

Hit the three bars in the upper left corner to pull over your account information of the email that is already on your application. Where the email address is displayed, click the arrow and note that a list shows up. On the list, select “Add Account”.

starting screen

Now Gmail will prompt you to enter the email address of the account that you will be adding.


This screen prompts you to enter the information for the account (username and password). Give Google a few seconds after this to verify your account information to make sure that your username and password is correct and that this is, in fact, a real account you’re trying to add. No one ever accused technology for being too trusting.

signing in screen shot validating email screen shot

Google should light up your screen with the confirmation that your account has been added successfully.


If you wish, you can give your email account a name like “Business” or “Personal”, depending on what your use is for the account.

Google now gives you the option on how often you would like the account to sync, meaning how often it will check for new mail. Depending on the frequency of use on the account will depend on how often you would like it to check for incoming messages.


Now, all of your accounts are added to Gmail! You can either switch account by clicking on the circles, or you can select the drop down arrow under your email and see all the accounts that you have added and select from there.


Gmail also does a great thing where instead of individually clicking through and selecting each inbox, you can go and select “All Inboxes”, as shown below, which will show you all the messages in all of your inboxes. This option can be found by clicking the three lines in the upper left corner and selecting “All Inboxes” from the top of the list.

The benefit to adding all your accounts to your mobile Gmail account is that now you’ll receive all of your emails from all your inboxes straight to your phone. You don’t have to worry about missing an important work email anymore, because now you can access it straight from your phone. This also means you no longer have the excuse to tell your boss, “Oh I wasn’t near a computer and so I check my email.” So maybe consider adding your work email with caution.