Surterre Properties mobile applicationWe are pleased to announce that the Surterre Properties mobile application is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Based in Newport Beach, CA, Surterre Properties is Orange County’s leading luxury real estate brokerage. Surterre strives to provide their clients the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they employ experienced, successful, locally based agents who are dedicated to delivering personalized client service and results. On the other hand, Surterre possesses the strategic vision, marketing acumen and global reach one would expect to find at a much larger company. We worked with their in-house marketing and design team to package and add native mobile features to the mobile web presence that we developed for them earlier this year.

Using mobile to differentiate

When Surterre Properties initially approached us regarding the project, we were excited about the opportunities it presented. Surterre wasn’t interested in simply checking a box so they could say they had a mobile presence. They wanted to create a unique experience that would reflect the effort and care they put into servicing their clients.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the app is that it is does not look like your typical real estate mobile application. It is not a standard template re-branded with different colors and a logo. It’s a unique experience that reflects the approach and effort they put into all levels of their marketing. It contains vivid imagery and utilizes the colors, textured backgrounds, and brand elements that are present throughout their other marketing materials, both online and offline. The application stands out from other real estate apps and is a true representation of the company’s brand and the level of service that they provide to their clients.

The approach

Surterre Properties mobile application - open houseTo create the native applications for the App Store and Google Play, we used the mobile web application as the basis for the development. It allowed us to achieve two important goals:

  1. From a user experience perspective, the interface between the mobile web and native apps is identical. It allows a client to use either version of the application without having to learn new gestures or user interface conventions. It also eliminates the disjointed messaging that can occur between application versions, which is common when different companies produce the mobile web and native versions of the app.
  2. We were able to leverage the existing code base which allowed us to more efficiently develop both the iOS and Android versions of the application. The result was completing the project in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than building separate applications for each mobile platform.

Furthermore, moving to the native development platform allowed us to include a few additional features that were not possible in the mobile web version of the application.

  • Clients can add agent contact data to their address book with the press of a button;
  • Clients can add open house dates and times to their calendar with the press of a button; and
  • Property search results are presented with larger, full bleed images.

Surterre Properties mobile application - property searchWell, the last features isn’t a native specific feature, but one that we chose to add to differentiate the user interface of the native application from the mobile web version. It also makes for a more engaging and visually appealing application, and it’s a feature that we may chose to migrate to the mobile web version in the future.

We have only scratched the surface with regards to what’s possible. The foundation we have put in place will allow us to leverage more native capabilities over time. The result will be an even more personalized client experience and an enhanced vehicle for highlighting and promoting their listings.

Raising the bar

As Orange County’s leading luxury brokerage, Surterre Properties is using mobile to engage their clients at a deeper level and to differentiate themselves from the competition. Their mobile presence, both web and native, supports the company’s strategic positioning as a real estate company that provides personalized service and superior results to their clients.

It’s been a pleasure working with the Surterre Properties marketing and design team, and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership. The features we have planned for their mobile presence will help to them raise the bar further and reinforce their place as Orange County’s leading luxury brokerage.

Download the Surterre Properties native mobile application for yourself and see how they are using mobile to reinforce their brand’s image, create a competitive advantage, and provide an engaging, personalized experience for their clients. iPhone users can download the application from the App Store by clicking here, and Android users can download the application from Google Play by clicking here.

If you’d like to learn how we can help tell your brand’s story with a differentiated mobile presence, feel free to contact us by phone or the web through our contact page, or via email at