Today, the Aumnia team is proud to announce the general availability of miniListings!

miniListings is a real estate listings search application that agents can personalize with their own branding and contact data. It is the easiest way for agents to go mobile and reach their clients anytime, anywhere, on any phone. Our goals are to provide agents with a mobile webapp that simplifies the home search process for their clients, differentiates them from other agents, ¬†helps them grow their business, and allows them to take advantage of today’s fastest growing and most exciting marketing medium – mobile!

As you can tell from the lack of activity on our blog over the past month, we’ve been extremely busy with development and preparation for launch of the product. We’ve also been working hard to incorporate the feedback from the testers and users who participated in our beta program. I’d like to thank all those who participated in the beta test – their feedback has been invaluable in helping us fine tune the product and tighten up our messaging.

We hope that miniListings will be the first of many products that will use our automated mobile internet platform. Our vision is to develop webapps for other markets that will allow businesses to extend their online brand and presence to the mobile environment in a simple, relevant and effective manner. We believe we’ve successfully accomplished our objective for the real estate market with miniListings, although the release of the initial product is not a destination, but the first stop in a journey. miniListings will continue to advance and grow through the addition of new features made possible by mobile technology advancements. I am excited not only about today’s product but also about its future potential.

If you are interested in learning more and obtaining your personalized copy of miniListings, head over to the miniListings website at You can also follow the latest miniListings developments on our Facebook fan page ( and on Twitter (@minilistings).