With the long weekend approaching, this week has been a little light on major news, announcements or stories in the mobile world, so I decided to keep this week’s update short. 

As expected, Apple was in the news again this week after they approved two new applications that make the Google Voice rejection on-going review puzzling.  This week, Line2 (a Google Voice alternative) released their iPhone app and Vonage (a VoIP provider) received approval for their iPhone app.  Both these apps and their associated services are different than Google Voice, but with all the FCC attention, I just wonder if Apple is laying ground work for a defense.  Also, the skeptic in me can’t help think that Apple is getting a cut of the service fees from Line2 and Vonage where as Google Voice is free… so no ‘incentive’ for Apple.

In other news, Microsoft starts their effort to reenergize their dying mobile business.  This week, HTC and LG announced the first Windows Mobile 6.5 phones along with Microsoft announcing the launch of the Windows Marketplace (their version of the app store) on October 6Yahoo (hmm…bad choice of words), yet another app store goes live! (sarcasm).  I don’t think Microsoft can last in this business with their current me-too strategy, especially since there are three other strong OS alternatives already: BlackBerry, Apple and Android.   I read an article this week that said most WinMo users don’t even know they are using a WinMo phone, so Microsoft does not garner brand loyalty from their mobile OS.  I think Microsoft should abandon the mobile OS and focus on creating an OS-independent ecosystem that helps simplify & bridge desktop computing with mobile computing. 

Here are miscellaneous articles, stories or reports I thought you would enjoy:

Have a great long weekend, and as always, leave a comment below with your favorite mobile stories from the week.