Well it looks like the Apple and Google battle isn’t going to end quickly or easily.  I love it!  I feel like I’m a teenager watching a WWE wrestling match where the two contestants are in the middle of the ring pointing and yelling at each other with all the fans watching intently knowing they are going to get a good outcome.  This week, Google came out publicly and said that Apple rejected the Google Voice application, which is contradictory to what Apple’s been saying for the past few weeks.  As soon as Google released their statement, Apple responded by saying that they didn’t reject Google VoiceHmm… a little miscommunication or is someone lying?  It’s all probably semantics but I hope this battle doesn’t disappoint and really gets dirty.  How good would it be if Apple and Google became bitter enemies?  Whose side would you pick?  Like in wrestling… there is only good and evil… so remember that “Google” shares its first three letters with “good”…    

Hot off of last week, Google’s Android-buzz continued this week.  Motorola announced that pre-orders for the Cliq will begin on October 19th and they are looking to bring Android to more carriers in the US.  In addition to Motorola, INQ announced Android for their upcoming touchscreen handsets, and after lots of rumors, LG finally unveiled its first Android-based phone.  With all these handsets coming to the marketplace, I have to believe and bet on Google gaining significant marketshare fairly quickly. 

And once again, there is more app store news.  Yippee! (sarcasm).  I decided that this week I will get off my soapbox and not preach about web-apps vs. downloadable apps, so here are the announcements this week without my bias:

OK, so that last one wasn’t really a news item about the app stores but I can’t leave you without giving you something to think about.

As always, here are some other stories and news from this week I think you’ll find interesting:

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