Even though it was a holiday week, the mobile news and stories stayed strong.  This week seemed to mark the beginning of the handset wars in preparation for the Christmas holidays.  I know… it’s scary to even mention the “C”-word but manufacturers want to milk this time of year as much as possible.  The biggest stories from this week focused on Android – that Google juggernaut which gains momentum exponentially every week.  Motorola threw their support behind Android in hopes of reviving their handset business and announced the CLIQ which is getting rave reviews from tech enthusiasts around the country.  The Motorola news comes after several weeks of new handset announcements from a variety of manufacturers including HTC, Samsung, and LG.  From Google’s initial (dismal) release last year that left lots of analysts wondering about Google’s mobile future, the question is no longer “when will Google be a serious mobile contender” but instead “how much market share will Google get”.  With their current strategy and focus on a customizable OS, Google is very (very) well positioned to capture significant market share in the low, mid and high-end of the markets globally.  To give you a taste of the momentum Android is building, here are a few select stories from this week alone:

I had a hard time focusing on any other mobile news this week while I watched the Android “marching band” fill up my reader.  A couple of other stories did catch my attention, but I feel like a broker record even bringing them up.  I’ll do it anyways.  Apple continued with their 20-year old strategy by piling more bricks around the iPhone’s walled garden.  In one of my previous weekly wrap-ups, I mentioned a Commodore 64 emulator that Apple rejected from the app store that attracted lots of negative attention from the development community.  Well this week Apple approved the Commodore 64 emulator and then pulled it again.  And then, in an on-going soap opera between Palm and Apple, the latest iTunes 9 release breaks the Palm Pre’s media sync (again)I feel like I’m watching 2 kids fighting over a swing in the playground but forgot to look around and see that there are 1000 open swings next to them.  I really want to believe that Apple isn’t making the same mistakes they did in the past.  Maybe they have something big up their sleeve and will release the iPhone OS to the open source community.  A guy can dream can’t he…

 Here are other stories and articles I thought you might enjoy from this week:

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