I have to admit that I fell behind with my reader this week, so I’m going to keep this week’s update brief.  The big story this week was DROID – Verizon’s “iPhone killer”.  (I don’t actually think this one device is going to kill the iPhone but Verizon’s strategy will severely limit the iPhone’s growth and market penetration in the US.)  The amount of excitement, anxiousness and press reminds me of the weeks leading up to the first gen iPhone’s release.  Everyone I know wants to get their hands on one to try it out… including me.  I don’t know if there will be lines around the block outside of Verizon stores on Nov 6, but based on the stories I read this week, there’s a strong possibility.  Here is a list of articles I read on DROID this week:

New handset mania continued with announcements, reviews and rumors, although this week was a little slower.  Strategy Analytics reported this week that global handset shipments improved in the third quarter and they expect to see growth in the fourth quarter.  In addition, Samsung reported their earnings this week and stated they saw a 16% year-over-year growth and is targeting a 20% (or greater) share of the global phone market for 2009.  Pretty impressive.  Following my format from the past few weeks, here is a list of the handset news I found during the week:

Finally, here are other articles or stories I thought you would enjoy from this week (for some reason, half the articles are Google-related but that wasn’t intentional):

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