I’m sure most of you saw this week’s top story even if you don’t follow the mobile news.  During the ALCS games, Verizon launched a direct assault on Apple and the iPhone with its “iDon’t” commercial and directed people to its new droiddoes.com websiteWhat does all this mean?  Well, Verizon essentially slapped Apple in the face in front of millions.  Wow.  WOW!  As Gregg mentioned in a post this week, Verizon extinguished any last remaining hope that they will pick-up the iPhone.  And just to throw a little salt on Apple’s wounds, Verizon reiterated their intention to carry the Palm Pre in 2010Ouch, now that’s a low blow.

Every week when I put this summary together, I keep a running list of articles and see if I can find any common themes.  This week was exciting.  I noticed several articles discussing the mobile web, its popularity, its growth, and how to make it better.  This isn’t a new topic but I found it interesting that all these articles came out in the same week.  Obviously, here at Aumnia we love this theme since we’re strong proponents of the mobile web and think it’s been overshadowed by the “coolness” of apps recently but now brands are looking for mobile analytics and ROI just like any other marketing. 

Do you think mobile web is useless?  Then read this: Opera mini released some of its usage statistics and claim to be serving over 500 million pageviews per day.  If that doesn’t convince you, then check out how some major brands are using the mobile web to connect with consumers.  I know a lot of users complain that load time is a major deterrent to using the mobile web, but that’s starting to change dramatically with brands focusing on creating a focused mobile web strategy.  Google has put its weight behind the mobile web recently by releasing tips to help companies make mobile web faster and adding mobile tracking to Google Analytics.  It’s an exciting time in mobile and I’m glad to be all part of it!

The mobile handset announcements and stories this week did not slow down a bit from the past two weeks.  Here is a summary of the main stories I stumbled across:

As always, here are some articles, stories and rumors I found interesting this week that I want to share with our readers:

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