“Android Adoption is About to Explode”.  That’s a direct quote for Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt from their 3rd quarter earning call this week.  Now compare that statement to Apple’s headline story of the week: Apple to allow in in-app purchases for free appsIs it no surprise which company has the momentum in mobile these days?  I know Apple’s been on a tear lately but it won’t last forever if they try to protect their precious walled garden, especially stories like the new iPhone 3GS version blocks jailbreak modifications.  Contrastingly, Google is laser-focused on proliferating its open architecture around the world and capitalizing on mobile search (which grew 30% since last quarter btw).  Seems to me that Google is making all the right moves with 12 Android phones across 32 carriers in 26 countries, and dozens of more phones slated for the next year.

Like I discussed last week, battle camps are all setup now between Apple/AT&T and Verizon/Google.  Sometimes when I read my tech news and blogs, I can’t help but feel like we’re in the middle of an election where the two candidates run PSAs day and night, and the voters consumers have a hard time deciphering right from wrong.  As with any political campaign, a candidate chooses to take the high-road (strong ethics) or run a smear campaign.  Apple/AT&T chose the latter and are busy launching probes of Google Voice by the FCC and forcing board members to choose sides, instead of improving their products and services.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing “I’m not an Android” commercials from Apple.

The past few weeks have been busy with handset announcement and this week was no different.  I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the news myself, so I figure our loyal readers would appreciate a weekly list of the major developments.  I’ll keep this as a regular item in my weekly updates until the market calms down (not sure when that will be).  Here’s this week’s list:

And to finish this week’s update, here are some other stories I found interesting this week:

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