Last week I attended the CTIA Wireless conference in Las Vegas. Overall, it was a pretty uninspiring conference with lack luster keynotes or energy. There just wasn’t the “buzz” I expected with all the mobile excitement in the marketplace right now. The most interesting keynote was from Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint, who discussed their 4G rollout fairly candidly and showcased their new 4G handset the HTC Evo. Sprint has a great vision but I’m just not sure if they can execute or get the subscribers to make it happen.

Here’s a quick summary of my highlights from the conference:

Android, Android, and even more Android. Google did not have a booth at the show nor did they participate in the keynotes, but they were definitely present. Android was everywhere! Every booth I seemed to stop at had something to do with Android – new handsets, gadgets, apps, etc. The Google marketing machine is in full force and has taken a life of its own.

Samsung GalaxyS has the best screen I’ve ever seen. I want one! I stopped by the Samsung booth and played around with the GalaxyS. It’s a very iPhone-like device with a similar form factor and icons, but the GalaxyS has two things the iPhone doesn’t – an amazing screen and fast processor. Samsung’s new super AMOLED screens are truly amazing. The device and screen are very responsive and web pages load at blazing speeds. Best of all, it’s based on Android, so the interface is fairly intuitive. Samsung has not announced a US launch date or carrier but I’ll let you know when I find out.

Windows Phone 7 demo was “interesting”. As expected, Microsoft was there in full force giving demos of their upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS. It’s a clean user interface that can differentiate them in the marketplace (which is good) but sometimes I felt like it was too gimmicky. Unfortunately the demos were “guided tours” so I won’t really know what it’s like until I get my hands on a device.

BlackBerry really needs help. BlackBerry had a large booth to showcase their…umm…aging technology. Very very boring! I’m a huge BlackBerry fan and am clinging onto my handset hoping they will do something disruptive, but if this show was any representation of where the company is headed… all I can say is bring on Android.

Text-to-speech apps are everywhere, why? I saw at least a dozen text-to-speech companies on the show floor that all looked the same. I understand the value but I still find it very boring.  My car has now become the cone-of-silence… my place for solitude from being connected all the time. I use the time to listen to the radio or music and enjoy having my phone on silent.

That’s it for this week’s update. As always, if you see or hear anything else interesting in mobile, let us know by leaving a comment below.