My weekly wrap-up is finally back and I made some changes based on feedback I received from our loyal readers. The biggest change is that I am going to focus on the most important news from the week (of course, based on my opinion) and provide my insights/analysis. I am not going to summarize the latest handset news & rumors anymore unless it is seriously significant. The goal of my weekly wrap-up will be to give you a quick summary of the mobile market in under 5 minutes.

The biggest news last week came from Palm. As expected, the company is “finally” nearing its end after a very slow, gradual death. Analysts valued Palm’s stock at a virtual $0 and placed a sell order on the stock. Wall Street slammed the company after they reported disappointing sales of its Pre handsets and lower-than-expected revenue. Hmm… based on my expectations, Palm is just where they should be. I have no sympathy for Palm as they did it to themselves. I’ve heard a lot of analysts blame the iPhone as the reason Palm failed but I don’t agree. Their demise isn’t based on the Pre but from their lost marketshare to BlackBerry in the corporate space over the past 6 years. The Pre was simply a last stand for Palm and it failed. Period. Could they have made the Pre successful? Yes, I believe so. If they chose Verizon as their partner (instead of Sprint) and invested in a catchy advertising campaign (like the Droid) they probably would have captured decent market share to stay afloat. Yes the Droid is based on Android, but I don’t think consumers knew a lot about Android when the Pre came out, so they would have captured people wanting a “cool” device on Verizon. We can “could’ve” and “would’ve” all day but in the end, Palm’s downfall started a long time ago.

So what do I think is going to happen to Palm? There are lots of rumors with the common theme that they will get acquired at a fire-sale. Possible suitors include: Microsoft, Nokia, BlackBerry who all need a good touchscreen device in their consumer-oriented portfolio. The most entertaining rumor I heard was that Palm will drop WebOS and jump on the Android train a la Motorola. Hmm… would Motorola consider buying Palm to increase their Android handsets? Speculation is fun, so let the rumors begin. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

This week is CTIA Wireless’ annual tradeshow in Las Vegas. I am attending and will be front and center for all the announcements, news, and rumors. We’ll be posting info on our blog, twitter, and facebook page during.

See or hear anything else interesting in mobile.  Let us know by leaving a comment below.