This week we are starting a new weekly series that will highlight the major news headlines, stories, and analysis in the mobile market.  Check back every Friday for our quick summary designed for you. 

The headline topic for this week was the much anticipated launch of the Palm Pre on Sprint’s network which will be available in stores on June 6 (and for some loyal customers on June 5).  The Palm Pre is being touted as the most exciting new mobile phone since the iPhone and is the Palm’s hopeful “silver bullet” to regain market share in the highly competitive smartphone marketplace.  Jeff wrote down some of his initial thoughts earlier this week and I’m sure we’ll follow-up in more detail as we get to play with the device.  If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Palm Pre, please share your comments with us as we would love to hear what you have to say.

 In other news, this week was the Mobile Marketing Forum in New York where players from the mobile ecosystem including hardware vendors, carriers, software & application developers, media companies and many others got together to share their views on one of the most powerful marketing channels available today.  I did not attend the event but followed all the news through Mobile Marketer, who did a good job in capturing the event highlights and provided some good insights.  As a summary, the only thing I can really say is that mobile marketing is HERE.  Throughout the conference, businesses shared how they are seeing measurable results from their mobile initiatives including the three tiers of mobile marketing (SMS/text messaging, mobile internet, and smartphone applications) as well as mobile coupons, and of course, mobile advertising.  Here’s a list of the stories I enjoyed most:

 If you saw anything else interesting or newsworthy over the past week, please leave a comment for us.