In last week’s mobile market wrap-up, the headline story was the iPhone 3GS release, so to start off this week’s update, I thought we check back and see how launch went.  To refresh your memory, analyst estimated that approximately 500,000 iPhone 3GS units would be sold during the opening weekend.  Well… it seems like the analysts were overly pessimistic and not even close.  Apple issued an official press release after the weekend that said over one million iPhone 3GS models were sold.  Impressive.

While I’m in the mood to review previous launches, let’s also take a quick look at Palm to see how they are doing post-Pre.  Some more positive news came from their CEO Jon Rubinstein who said during the recent Palm earnings call that Pre users have downloaded more than a million apps for the device so far.  Unfortunately, on that same earnings call, Palm announced a fourth quarter loss of $105 million, brining its total loss for 2008 to $753 million.  So it looks like Palm’s done a good job in creating a new platform they can use to springboard the company, but can they jump high enough before sinking?

Like last week, there was plenty of handset news this week but the most exciting articles seemed to be centered on HTC and their Google Android-based phones.  T-Mobile officially announced their next generation Android-based phone, the myTouch 3G, which is based on the HTC Magic.  The myTouch 3G is expected in stores by early August.  HTC also announced its third Android-powered smartphone called the HTC Hero which is expected to go on sale in Europe and Asia this summer, followed by North America in late 2009.  Which carrier do we think will get the new phone?  Current rumors say Sprint is testing two Android-powered smartphones and one of the devices is the HTC Hero. 

I love the dynamics of the mobile handset market and am anxious to see what happens.  In my opinion, the big winner could end up being Google who seems to be making a stronger push into the market, not only with Android but also with AdSense for mobile devices which they just took live. I wouldn’t doubt if Google will move into hyper-localization of ads and compete with a lot of the existing mobile ad players out there (like AdMob).

To finish up this week’s wrap-up, here are some other news, stories, or opinions I found interesting this week:

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