“We think there is the potential to actually make this mobile Web better than the PC Web,” said this week by Jonathan Rosenberg, Google’s Senior Vice President of Product Management, in a call with analysts.  Google’s leaving no doubt that they think their future is in mobile and continued outwardly expressing their belief in the mobile web.  Also this week, Opera (a big player in the mobile browser business) proclaimed their love of the mobile web by acquiring AdMarvel in hopes of capitalizing on the increased usage (and exponential growth) of mobile hunting/browsing.  For our regular readers, customer and partners, Aumnia obviously agrees with this belief but it’s nice to hear industry giants reiterate it to the rest of the world.

2009 was an introspective year for Nokia.  They lost all their momentum and hurt their image with North American consumers, especially when it came to smartphones, user interfaces and overall handset “sexiness”.  A few months back, Nokia vowed to refocus and streamline product development to make a comeback.  Will 2010 be Nokia’s year-of-resurgence?  With their first major moves of 2010 this week, Nokia seems to be getting media attention.  Starting on Thursday, Nokia released a new navigation service FREE to all GPS-enabled Nokia devices.  This new service offers turn-by-turn directions and premium content from big name partners like Lonely Planet.  I like their first step… well done!  The second major buzz is more of a rumor that Nokia will launch a new handset on January 26th.  Details are still being held tight, so we’ll find out more next week.  I’m excited to see what they have in store for us.

With Apple’s scheduled press event next week, I always expect to hear a full range of rumors coming from all media sources.  No doubt Apple knows how to generate buzz and I have to admit that I love hearing all the far fetched rumors people discuss around the water coolers.  I’m not going to share everything that I’ve heard this week (since some are just obviously not true), but here is a quick list of articles that summarize the more credible rumors:

As promised last week, I’m reverting back to my pre-holiday format, so here are the latest announcements, rumors and reviews of mobile handsets:

And finally, here are some other mobile-oriented articles I found interesting this week that I want to share with you:

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