I’m back with my weekly updates after a short hiatus due to the Thanksgiving long weekend.  Over the past two weeks, the carriers have really come into the media spotlight with their aggressive ad campaigns – Verizon attacking AT&T on 3G coverage and AT&T responding to Verizon with their overall coverage area. 


As I mentioned in my last update, AT&T took the Verizon commercials so personally that they fired a lawsuit to try and stop the Verizon ads.  Ultimately, AT&T dropped the suit this week, but I really like this battle.  Why you ask?  It’s simple – the carriers are finally refocusing the attention on their core value of being a SERVICE provider.  It’s why they are in business.  It’s why consumers use them.  I feel that the carriers lost focus of their core competency during recent handset wars and started to think they were simply handset retailers and focused too much time on exclusivity, handset features, early termination fees, etc etc.  The tone of the new battle is correct – my network is better than your network.  It’s where they should be fighting, so let the best network win.  Don’t you agree?

I’ve been watching the handset trends closely, especially with all the recent Android buzz, and I’m trying to figure out who the players are going to be in 5 years.  In my last update, I said that I don’t believe Palm will make it.  Nokia on the other hand does have its problems… but knows it has problems, and this week announced a plan-of-action for 2010.  I like it.  They plan to re-engineer the user interface for Symbian (world’s number one mobile OS), streamline their product portfolio, and focus on touchscreens.  Can they execute to it?  Only time will tell, but I really hope so.  The market needs it.  Android needs competition with their open source OS to prevent a monopoly in the mobile handset market like Microsoft has with PCs.  We can’t count on Windows Mobile or WebOS, so hopefully it’ll be Symbian.

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