This week’s mobile news was a little lighter than normal.  Looks like the holiday season is underway.  But, reading through my feeds this week, there was one interesting theme I saw – mobile browser wars.  With all the new smart phones and so called “super” smart phones, mobile browsers add an additional level of customization for mobile users.  This week alone, Skyfire, Firefox, and Opera announced new releases with additional features intended to enhance the mobile web:

Over the past few months, I’ve written lots about Android and its future.  This week was good for both Google and Android as Time released their Top 10 Everything of 2009 on which #1 is Motorola’s Droid and #2 is Barnes & Noble’s Nook.  Both of which are powered by Android.  I can’t wait to see what else comes out next year.

AT&T also made the spotlight this week with regards to their data network, fees and poor performance.  I don’t understand how AT&T can survive with all their stupidity.  I’m getting a little tired of analyzing their problems and providing my insights, so instead, I decided to simply list this week’s articles and let you form your own opinion:

As always, here is a list of this week’s handset announcements, rumors and analyses:

To wrap up this week’s update, here are some additional articles I enjoyed reading this week and wanted to share with you:

See or hear anything else interesting in mobile.  Let us know by leaving a comment below.