I was on the road all week attending RE Barcamp SF and Inman’s Real Estate Connect in San Francisco.  Since I was on the road all week, I fell behind on my reading and industry news, but instead of skipping this week’s mobile market wrap-up, I thought I would provide an abbreviated update.

Real Estate Connect was excellent with approximately 1700 attendees sharing ideas on new technologies, best practices, and inspiring ideas.  There were a few sessions on mobile with one being led by Greg Sterling, principal of Sterling Marketing Intelligence and analyst of mobile communications.  In his session, he provided some valuable statistics and offered some general advice to agents: “make your site look good in the browser rather than making an app.” Obviously, Aumnia agrees with Greg Sterling’s analysis and thinks that agents and brokers need to extend their website to mobile in a seamless manner.  The time is now.   Inman has a more in-depth article on this mobile session at Real Estate Connect.

The major headlines this week seemed to center around Apple again with more disheartening news of their egotistical stance to build a walled garden around the iPhone.  Below is a list of the major news items released this week that show Apple’s continued downward slide:

As I mentioned earlier, this week’s update is abbreviated, so here are links to the interesting news, articles or stories I did get a chance to read:

I will have a more in-depth summary next week at my regular time.  In the mean time, let me know if you find anything interesting in mobile by leaving a comment below.