The big story since my last post (which I know was two weeks ago… oops) has to be the leaked iPhone 4G. Many are calling it Apple-Gate 2010. Gizmodo reported the story in which they detail how an Apple engineer left a prototype he was testing at a beer garden one evening. An anonymous stranger found the phone and tried to return it to Apple who was unresponsive, so he sold it to Gawker Media (Gizmodo’s parent company) for $5000. Hmm… something doesn’t seem right. It’s a great story with plenty of online media coverage (my reader is going nuts), but if something sounds too go to be true… it’s probably a publicity stunt. Apple’s lawyers have sent a letter to Gizmodo to request prompt return of the next generation iPhone to which Gizmodo obliged.

I’m not sure if it’s just my opinion of Apple (which should be pretty clear if you read this blog regularly), but I don’t think it’s any accident. Apple is the BEST at creating hype for their products and manipulating the media to do what they want. In the past Apple has been very secretive with their phone launches and everyone expects them to do the same this time. BUT…the market is no longer the same. New smartphones are being released, leaked or reviewed daily that shadow the current iPhone 3GS… bigger screens, faster processors, lower prices, better carriers, etc etc. Just this week I read several articles about Verizon’s new Droid Incredible by HTC. It’s a great handset. If I were a loyal Verizon consumer, I would seriously consider this device. Apple doesn’t have the luxury of waiting anymore since the market isn’t waiting for them. Times have changed and Apple’s feeling the pressure. Does that mean we’ll see more changes from Apple?

In other rumors this week, screenshots of the much needed BlackBerry OS 6.0 that’s expected to launch in July were leaked. They look good but nothing I see is revolutionary – there’s multitouch, pinch-to-zoom, and WebKit. The blogs seem excited but I expect more from BlackBerry. They need to leapfrog the competition, not just release a product that their competitors have been selling for over a year. I’ve said it before and will say it again – I love my BlackBerry but they are not giving me much reason to hang on. Sad.

To finish this week’s wrap up, I want to point your attention to Palm. I’m sure all of you heard about their financial problems and being up “for sale” with several possible suitors. Instead of speculating about their future, let’s go down memory lane and celebrate they impact they made over the years. Gregg wrote an excellent post about his experiences over the years and we would love to hear your stories as well.

As always, if you see or hear anything else interesting in mobile, let us know by leaving a comment below.