I know that typically I talk about the biggest news in the mobile market but not this week. The big story last week was the release of the iPad… lots of stories, reviews, excitement… and I just don’t feel like discussing it (my mom always said if I can’t say anything nice, not to say anything at all). So, I want to focus this week’s update on HTC – the handset manufacturer we’ve used for years but never knew. HTC made a big push into the US market under their self-branded label last year and are reaping the benefits. HTC shipped approximately 6 million smartphones in the US in 2009.  They stated that sales of their Windows Mobile and Android-based phones rose 19 percent in Q1 and are seeing faster growth in the US market than other regions. Wow… I really like their phones and am not surprised by their success.

HTC has done it right by spreading around high-profile phones across all the major US carriers so everyone has the opportunity to touch on of their handsets. T-mobile seems to have embraced them the most and are rumored to be starting an iPhone replacement campaign where iPhone users might be paid up to $350 for switching to the HTC HD2 (and T-mobile of course). I’ve played with the HD2 and it’s a nice device, a little big, but nice. I’m really curious to see how it goes.

Finally, here are a few other stories that I found interesting but didn’t have time to write about:

Windows Phone 7 Series now just “Windows Phone 7?. Who cares… Microsoft really needs some branding help. If they spend as much time on product development as they do on trying to brand, they might actually release “Windows Phone 7”

Starbucks now letting you pay for your coffee fix via iPhone in 1,000+ Target stores. Pretty interesting concept and I’m looking forward to trying it out. I think it makes a lot of sense but it should also tie automatically into a loyalty program so regular users get some incentives.

Samsung already working on a Galaxy S Pro, complete with physical keyboard? If it’s real, this will be my next phone.

As always, if you see or hear anything else interesting in mobile, let us know by leaving a comment below.