For the last two years, I’ve kept myself from being swept into the Apple hype machine and haven’t bought an iPad. It’s been too much of a ‘tweener’ device to excite me – not good enough to replace my laptop and not enough features to replace my phone.

This week, though, I was hoping that the latest iPad event would change my mind. It didn’t, and here’s why:

  1. It’s still too expensive.
    At under $200, I could justify another gadget to play with, a toy if you will. I was really hoping Apple would drop the iPad2 down to that price point. At $399, it’s still too expensive.
  2. I want a device to unify my living room
    While there’s still a ton of buzz about an Apple television set, Apple making a television is a waste of time. I don’t want a ‘Smart’ TV. I want a device that unifies my living room. Imagine sitting on the couch with your tablet surfing content and then flicking it toward the screen to watch it. I guess I had my hopes too high that Apple would integrate the tablet with Apple TV and give me that functionality. Then again, maybe I’m just ahead of my time and it’s on its way, or maybe I just expect too much out of Apple.

Either way, I still see the tablet as a gimmick device, and the latest announcement did nothing to change my mind. Sure there are reasons where a tablet can make sense (which I wrote about here), but for me, the cost and functionality just don’t justify it.

Maybe next year’s model will change my opinion, but this year’s release was a disappointment for me.