I had an interesting conversation with someone last night regarding the iPhone. They pointed out that during iPhone commercials, Apple deosn’t highlight the fact that the device is a phone.

After thinking about it, I realized she was right. Here are the latest commercial that Apple is using to promote the iPhone and that Verizon is using to promote the Droid.

The phone part of an iPhone or “smartphone” has become just another feature of the device. In fact, people now use these devices as phones less than 50% of the time, and that percentage will only continue to decline. It would be like us calling our computers smartcalculators (or in Apple’s terms, iCalculators). Sure the computer is a math processor, but it was given its own name to show what it could become.

We need a more generic name to show that these new cellphones we carry around are really not phones anymore. I’m beginning to think “slate” is a better term to more generically describe this class of device, unless someone out there has a better idea.

You know, the marketing geniuses at Apple may have been onto something when they were considering the name iSlate for the iPad. Who’s with me?

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