iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 PlusWhile last year’s iOS 7 update was the biggest visual design overhaul in the operating system’s history, iOS 8 is its biggest functional design update. iOS 8 adds features such as third party keyboards, continuity between Apple devices, extensions, widgets, manual camera controls, family sharing, enhanced notifications, and more. It catches iOS up to Android in some areas, and in others, it pulls it ahead. Quite frankly, the number of new feature can be overwhelming.

So, instead of trying to cover all of the features here, I’ve created a collection of useful articles that you can reference to get more out of your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or upgraded iPhone 5/5c/5s that is running iOS 8. By the way, one word of caution, even though the iPhone 4S is technically eligible for the iOS 8 upgrade, many people are reporting that the iPhone 4S does not have the horsepower to run it efficiently. Ars Technica did a complete review of the performance difference, and while they say it is still worth upgrading an iPhone 4S, I would recommend waiting an update cycle or two before attempting it, if at all, on this device.

Recommend iOS 8 articles

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