Pinterest is one the rise. According to research recently done by Pew, roughly “31% of Internet users have an account with the service”, which although that may not sound like a lot- that’s 31% of all internet users you may not be reaching with your current internet marketing.

If you’re not familiar with the platform, Pinterest provides users with the ability to create “Boards”, which are places they can pin photos that they group together based off common themes. Most commonly you’ll hear about how Pinterest is great for wedding planning, since you can create boards about “My Dress”, “Dream Venue”, “Wedding Designs”, etc. So how can you use this for real estate?

Pinterest allows users to follow other users’ boards. Imagine you, as a real estate agent, create a board titled “Camarillo Property Listings”.  On the board, you can pin the images of different listings and include captions giving important, quick details about the home. From there, people interested can click on the photo and there they land directly on the listing on your website. They contact you because they’re interested and voila, you have a new client.

In theory everything sounds easy, but Pinterest truly is an incredibly user friendly social media app. You can create your profile on the site, start some boards based off listing areas, and begin posting photos all easily linked to your website. From there, you can begin to gain followers just as you would on other social media sites. Additionally, Pinterest can create their follow button for you, just as Facebook does, so you can add the follow link to your Pinterest profile across all of your internet media platforms.

Pinterest combines the visual aspect of Instagram with the organizational aspect of photo albums on Facebook. Together it creates a winning combination for anyone who may not be incredibly tech savvy or organized. The social media site doesn’t need as much attention as others, as it simply is just about uploading pictures onto boards, or “pinning”, as they call it over at Pinterest.pinterest snap

This site offers you the ability to showcase your knowledge out in the field. Perhaps you specialize in a certain area- Pinterest can help you create a board specifically designed for that area and you can go ahead and pin photos on your website from that area right onto your Pinterest board. This not only helps clients navigate better through all of your prospects, but it shows them what other properties also match what they are looking for when just searching the headings of your different Pinterest boards.

close up

Here’s an example of what you can do per specific listing. You can include a description in the bottom, with a photo highlighting the listing, and notice that “Visit Site” button in the corner? That’s right- it’s linked right to your website, and better yet you can link it right to the listing of the property you’re showcasing in the pin. Users also have the option to “Pin It”- which means your listing can get shared far beyond just your boards and followers which equals greater exposure t reaching more clients without doing much of anything at all. Pinterest also gives you the option to share the pin on Facebook and this feature can also be utilized by Pinterest users.

Pinterest is heavily underrated in this respect though. Not enough people utilize the site to the best of their ability. With the amount of users increasing across the platform and it following behind the social media giant Facebook, let’s recap why it’ll give you a leg up on the competition:

  • Pinterest will link clients to your website. This way you don’t have to worry about people getting lost in the shuffle of the black hole of Internet- you’ll know they’ll get to the listing on your website. This will drive traffic to your website and increase your chances of gaining new clients.
  • You can post tons of photos of listings with minimal text. Let’s face it- doing write ups of properties can get tiring after a while, especially if writing isn’t your forte. Pinterest is one of the most visual social media sites (only second to Instagram), and you can really display your properties, instead of spending lots of time writing detailed descriptions of every listing. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.
  • Boards are simple to create. You can easily group your listings by area, by size, by bedroom/bath size, etc., because you can customize your boards. You can include tags in the boards so your boards will appear on searches, only further increasing your chances of reach prospective clients.
  • You can show people your specialties. Maybe you have a treasure trove of knowledge about a certain neighborhood, a type of house, or even an entire area. Customize a board to reflect that to prospective clients by showcasing the homes within your specialty. This way you can find even more specific prospective clients as they know you will be the one to help them find their dream home.
  • People can follow your boards. This way, they’ll get notified on their home feed when you post new listings. You might post their dream home one day and all they would have needed to do was see that posting on their home feed. Nothing makes a customer happier than limited effort on their part.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Pinterest and get started with boosting your online presence. Happy Pinning!