Comey & Shepherd New Release

Comey & Shepherd New Release


Introducing Drive Time by Inrix on the latest release of the site.

We’re thrilled to announce the newest release of the Comey & Shepherd mobile site. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Comey & Shepherd have a history of topping the market in their region. For a mid-size brokerage, Comey & Shepherd is constantly trying to raise the bar by innovating new ways to create a more user friendly base for their clients. They wanted to add more personable and customized features to the latest release of their mobile presence, so here at Aumnia we helped them to construct that vision into a reality.


With Comey & Shepherd, we wanted to focus on a design that really highlighted how innovative of a brokerage that Comey & Shepherd truly is. Over our time working with Comey & Shepherd, we have constantly been evolving their mobile site as they themselves change over time. Therefore, we added two incredible Screenshot_2015-09-15-12-19-08 (1)_framednew features to their latest launch that really help to take their mobile site to the next level.

Map Search

From wherever their clients may be, Aumnia integrated a map search feature into the latest release. Clients are now able to search properties in the immediate area they are in. Maybe they aren’t in the neighborhood they’re considering? Not a problem, they can simply drag and drop their pin to the area they would rather see properties in and the map will adjust and show them nearby properties to their pin in that area. The map is conveniently color coded to make distinguishing different properties easier for clients.

  • Red- The property is under contract
  • Green- This is a new property listing
  • Light Blue- This property currently has an open house
  • Navy- Regular listing, nothing special is happening with the property at this time

When you click on a listing, an info box appears with the price of the property listing and quick specs on how many beds and baths the property has. From there, clicking on the info takes you to the main listing page in which you can then use the next newest feature- DriveTime™.


We’re most excited to announce a great new featured powered by INRIX, a data company that tracks traffic times- conveniently called DriveTime™. What does this mean for clients? When they go to the mobile site, they can now see what things like commute times would look like from the property listings they’re looking at to their place of employment. This helps clients find the homes in their desired area based on where they spend a lot of their time outside of the home. When in the DriveTime™ feature, clients can simply enter the address of their job, children’s school, their school, and then search for homes 10, 15, 20 minutes away depending on how long they wish their commute to be and when they usually arrive at these locations. Taking data by analyzing traffic times during the time the client wishes to be somewhere at, the system draws them an area in which they can search for properties in the right area for their needs. This not only helps the agents better understand their clients restraints when it comes to finding their dream home, but also helps the client find an agent who specializes in the area they wish to live. This feature also helps Comey & Shepherd reach prospective clients who may be relocating to the area and don’t know much about traffic and commute times in the area they’re moving too. We helped make Comey & Shepherd the first brokerage in Cincinnati to integrate this technology by Inrix into their mobile site.

Navigation & Interface

Screenshot_2015-09-15-12-18-41 (1)_framedThe new mobile site has a cleaner and easier to use navigation that can be accessed from anywhere in the application. Additionally, we’ve included an easier mode of contact for clients looking through the site to get in touch with an agent. As we have maintained a long standing partnership with Comey & Shepherd, we have continually provided updates to their interface, but this release is the largest overhaul we have done in terms of the design. We simplified, modernized, and overall create a much more user friendly experience for their clients. Comey & Shepherd love being innovative for their clients and we wanted to create a mobile site that reflected that.

It Doesn’t End Here

Comey & Shepherd continues to invest in standing out from their competitors and we’re committed to helping them achieve this differentiation. Based on the fact that sometimes their mobile site can garner up to 15,000 visits a month, only means that the site will continue to evolve as the clients and brokerage change.


Hudson Company Mobile App 2.0 Launch

Hudson Company Mobile App 2.0 Launch

The Hudson Company v2We are excited to announce the launch of the Hudson Company’s newly revamped mobile application, which is available on phone and tablet devices by going to their company website at Located in Chicago, IL, The Hudson Company is a boutique brokerage that
focuses on the North Shore market. Not your average brokerage, they devote their time and energy to differentiating themselves from the competition in more ways than one. With top of the line marketing and a broad community inspiration pushing their brand forward, we strove to develop a mobile application that highlighted the value that they bring to the market. Working closely with their team, we developed an application   that demonstrates The Hudson Company’s close attention to detail while simultaneously creating a brand alignment between their web and mobile platform. We see mobile applications as a valuable piece and extension of a brokerage’s brand and value proposition. From the web to the phone, the experience should remain a seamless transition. Seamless brand integration is important to establish through all online and offline outlets, which is what we aim to do with all of our clients.

What Makes Hudson Unique

Already standing apart for their impeccable marketing, The Hudson Company needed a way to apply this differentiation to their mobile presence. What distinguishes The Hudson Company’s marketing from their competitors is the detail and work they place into each property listing. It starts with the high resolution photography that they generate for each property. They incorporate these photos into a digital brochure and virtual video tour that provide all of the information that a prospective buyer would like to know about a property before deciding to tour the home. We were tasked with the challenge of taking this incredible marketing platform The Hudson Company has created in their existing online and offline presence and translating that into a user friendly mobile website. Through close interaction with their team, we were able to implement a design that exceeded expectations.

Transitioning from Web to MobileTHC_Property_detail

Since The Hudson Company was all about the user experience and had an established brand design in mind, we worked closely with them to make sure their mobile platform emulated this. The result was a modern, sleek, user friendly design throughout all the pages and resources on the application. We took special care in making sure the high resolution photos of their property listings were portrayed just as beautifully on the mobile interface. So what specifically makes their new application stand out?

1. The design. With cleaner colors, brighter backgrounds, and smooth transitions between pages, the design stands apart. It is customized specifically for their brand and completely one of a kind and unique to The Hudson Company – something that was already making them stand apart from other competitors. The design reflects high end quality and care, which helps their clients to recognize and sets the expectation of the high level of service The Hudson Company provides to their clients.

2. Implementation of their web marketing. We didn’t just leave the application completely naked with only minimal marketing that the company had already worked so hard on. We implemented it, which really gives their mobile website some leverage in the market. We incorporated all of the high resolution photographs of their listings, the video tours, and the digital brochures. We paid attention to detail to ensure that the resolutions and clarity of the images remained intact when switching platforms, thereby maintaining our philosophy of seamless brand transition from web to mobile.THC_Agent_detail

3. Now includes tablets. Mobile doesn’t just mean phones anymore, and with the new revamp we wanted to make sure tablets weren’t left out. More and more users have tablets today, but not enough applications are formatted to look their best on them. We decided to change this by giving The Hudson Company a leg up on the competition by ensuring that their newly renovated application also looked flawless on tablets.

4. Highlighting the Team. We wanted to shine a brighter spotlight on their broker associates, especially considering the personalized boutique nature of the brokerage and their involvement in the community. New bios were added complete with high resolution photos along with all of their contact information. From the user perspective, you can not only see and learn about members of the team, but also contact them with a simple tap. Ease of contact exemplifies the personal touch The Hudson Company includes in their interactions with clients.

It’s Just the Beginning

2.0 only scratches the surface of what’s possible when it comes to the mobile platform. As the brokerage continues to grow and develop their brand, so will their mobile application grow and develop with them. Keeping The Hudson Company on the forefront of burgeoning technology enables them to be the leading brokerage in both their market and the industry.


Introducing the Riskin Associates mobile application

Introducing the Riskin Associates mobile application

RA-icon-196We are pleased to announce the availability of the Riskin Associates mobile application. Based in Montecito, CA, Riskin Associates has been the top selling Santa Barbara real estate team for the past decade. The award-winning team lists some of the most coveted estates on the south Santa Barbara coast. We were engaged by them to create a mobile application that would add to the services they provide their buying and selling clients that have made them a market leader.

Goals and Approach

For the design of the application, we took queues from the Village Properties mobile website we developed since the Riskin Associates team is part of the brokerage. We decided to keep the overall flow of the application intact, but the branding, content and functionality needed customized for Riskin Associates. We wanted to accomplish a number of goals with the modified design:

  1. Riskin Assoicate Mobile Home ScreenProduce a clean, elegant design that conveys the elegance and luxury of the properties they represent
  2. Provide a vehicle for them to highlight and market their distinctive properties
  3. Incorporate visual imagery that reflects the unique nature and beauty of their listings and the surrounding area
  4. Create a finished product that would further differentiate their brand and set them apart as a leader in the market

Key features of the application

In order to develop the key features of the application, we evaluated their online presence which uses vivid photos and imagery to highlight their property listings. We wanted to provide a similar visual experience on mobile and give Riskin Associates the flexibility to highlight the different properties they represent. In addition to the essential features such as property search (both by location and by criteria), methods to contact the team, and an about us section, we incorporated the following:

  • A vivid home page focused on a full width image that can be dynamically changed by Riskin Associates
  • A featured listing section that allows them to highlight the properties they represent – each listing is its own interactive photo gallery that can be compiled and controlled by the Riskin Associates marketing team
  • Links to custom content created by the marketing team such as property brochures that are hosted through Calaméo

Riskin Associate Mobile Featured PropertiesYou can access the application via any iPhone or Android device by opening the browser (or Safari) on your phone and going to You will be automatically redirected to the mobile application where you can learn more about the Riskin Associates team and explore their featured listings.

Raising the bar for service and performance

It was a pleasure working with the Riskin Associates team on the development of their mobile application. The energy and enthusiasm they brought to the project is evident in the finished product. It is a reflection of the time and personal attention that they give each of their clients. It shows in all aspects of their business, particularly in the level of service they provide their clients and the attention-to-detail they put into their marketing materials. With the availability of their mobile application, they have another tool that reinforces this high level of service, whether it is used for marketing properties or helping prospective buyers identify properties to purchase.

The Riskin Associates mobile application is another example of how leading brokerages and agent teams are embracing mobile to raise the bar on the services the provide their clients, differentiate themselves in the market, and further reinforce their leadership position in the market


Introducing the Surterre Properties native mobile application

Surterre Properties mobile applicationWe are pleased to announce that the Surterre Properties mobile application is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Based in Newport Beach, CA, Surterre Properties is Orange County’s leading luxury real estate brokerage. Surterre strives to provide their clients the best of both worlds. On the one hand, they employ experienced, successful, locally based agents who are dedicated to delivering personalized client service and results. On the other hand, Surterre possesses the strategic vision, marketing acumen and global reach one would expect to find at a much larger company. We worked with their in-house marketing and design team to package and add native mobile features to the mobile web presence that we developed for them earlier this year.

Using mobile to differentiate

When Surterre Properties initially approached us regarding the project, we were excited about the opportunities it presented. Surterre wasn’t interested in simply checking a box so they could say they had a mobile presence. They wanted to create a unique experience that would reflect the effort and care they put into servicing their clients.

The first thing you’ll notice when you open the app is that it is does not look like your typical real estate mobile application. It is not a standard template re-branded with different colors and a logo. It’s a unique experience that reflects the approach and effort they put into all levels of their marketing. It contains vivid imagery and utilizes the colors, textured backgrounds, and brand elements that are present throughout their other marketing materials, both online and offline. The application stands out from other real estate apps and is a true representation of the company’s brand and the level of service that they provide to their clients.

The approach

Surterre Properties mobile application - open houseTo create the native applications for the App Store and Google Play, we used the mobile web application as the basis for the development. It allowed us to achieve two important goals:

  1. From a user experience perspective, the interface between the mobile web and native apps is identical. It allows a client to use either version of the application without having to learn new gestures or user interface conventions. It also eliminates the disjointed messaging that can occur between application versions, which is common when different companies produce the mobile web and native versions of the app.
  2. We were able to leverage the existing code base which allowed us to more efficiently develop both the iOS and Android versions of the application. The result was completing the project in a shorter timeframe and at a lower cost than building separate applications for each mobile platform.

Furthermore, moving to the native development platform allowed us to include a few additional features that were not possible in the mobile web version of the application.

  • Clients can add agent contact data to their address book with the press of a button;
  • Clients can add open house dates and times to their calendar with the press of a button; and
  • Property search results are presented with larger, full bleed images.

Surterre Properties mobile application - property searchWell, the last features isn’t a native specific feature, but one that we chose to add to differentiate the user interface of the native application from the mobile web version. It also makes for a more engaging and visually appealing application, and it’s a feature that we may chose to migrate to the mobile web version in the future.

We have only scratched the surface with regards to what’s possible. The foundation we have put in place will allow us to leverage more native capabilities over time. The result will be an even more personalized client experience and an enhanced vehicle for highlighting and promoting their listings.

Raising the bar

As Orange County’s leading luxury brokerage, Surterre Properties is using mobile to engage their clients at a deeper level and to differentiate themselves from the competition. Their mobile presence, both web and native, supports the company’s strategic positioning as a real estate company that provides personalized service and superior results to their clients.

It’s been a pleasure working with the Surterre Properties marketing and design team, and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership. The features we have planned for their mobile presence will help to them raise the bar further and reinforce their place as Orange County’s leading luxury brokerage.

Download the Surterre Properties native mobile application for yourself and see how they are using mobile to reinforce their brand’s image, create a competitive advantage, and provide an engaging, personalized experience for their clients. iPhone users can download the application from the App Store by clicking here, and Android users can download the application from Google Play by clicking here.

If you’d like to learn how we can help tell your brand’s story with a differentiated mobile presence, feel free to contact us by phone or the web through our contact page, or via email at


Aumnia welcomes Jeff Turner to our Board of Directors

I am pleased to announce the addition of Jeff Turner to the Aumnia Board of Directors. Jeff brings with him over 25 years of experience as both a successful entrepreneur and a senior executive. He has also served in a number of advisory and board roles, including his current position as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Mothers Fighting For Others (MFFO).

Currently, Jeff holds the following positions:

  • President at RealSatisfied, a customer satisfaction and brand strength monitoring platform specifically designed for real estate;
  • Partner at Zeek Interactive, a software development company specializing in iOS and WordPress development; and
  • President,COO at, a company Jeff founded and launched as the first subscription tour service for the real estate industry.

Prior to his current roles, Jeff founded J.J. Grace (dba AdOut), a leading provider of digital prepress services for newspapers. As CEO, Jeff led the company to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 500 Fastest-Growing Companies in America and Cisco’s “Growing With Technology” award.  In September 1999, J.J. Grace was successfully sold to Vertis, Inc., where Jeff served as Group President for their Digital Solutions Group until 2002.

Jeff is also an accomplished speaker. He typically covers topics related to technology and business, including social media, branding, leadership, effective communication and listening strategies, and emerging technologies. You can see a list of Jeff’s speaking engagements, as well as a sample of his presentations, at his website by clicking here.

I’ve personally known Jeff for a number of years, stretching back to the early days of Aumnia. I’ve always enjoyed our conversations on both a personal and professional level, and he has provided invaluable guidance and mentoring during this time, albeit on an informal basis. I am very excited that he will now have an official role within the company as a member of our Board of Directors. I am looking forward to working even more closely with him as well as to his continued guidance and direction. His insight will be a valuable asset as we continue to grow and build the company.