About Aumnia

Every company has a story. This is ours.

The idea was born in a garage.

Okay- well, not really. Although there were three original leaders (whereas there were two original leaders in the early days of Apple, we didn’t start in a garage, and this wasn’t the 80’s) it was basically the same thing. Originally based inNewport Beach, Aumnia’s first service was named miniListings. Aumnia had a nomadic existence from 2006-2012, wandering around in the tech world waiting for a sign or a specific well written statement of what they should do next. In 2012, the business began to grow which meant evolving out of miniListings and onto something better. The company moved north to Camarillo, which had less traffic and somewhat better parking.

Our old product, “miniListings”.

So the company got a face lift.

The product changed from miniListings to high performance custom based design. Basically, the company started to do a lot more coding, which we think qualifies it as a tech company. So there you have it- we’re like the modern (not really, but kind of) next Apple.

One all encompassing logo now.

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