Last Thursday I attended my second RE Barcamp, this time in Phoenix. This barcamp was an excellent experience that built upon the first one I attended in Los Angeles earlier in the month. The team in Phoenix did a great job of organizing the event from picking a great venue to providing lunch on site to keep the discussions moving through the course of the day. And of course, the pre-party and after-party helped to set the tone.

I really enjoyed REBarcamp Phoenix and the primary reason was that every session I attended was interactive where all the participants were asking questions, sharing their experiences, and challenging the moderator’s views/opinions. That’s what a barcamp is all about and I was glad to see the spirit intact in Phoenix.

I moderated a session titled “mobile – going from cool to driving results” where we discussed the three tiers of mobile marketing and how they can be used effectively by real estate professionals to interact with their buyers and sellers. All the participants provided valuable insight and shared their perspectives with the group. Based on all the feedback and requests, we will be adding an in-depth series to our blog that provides details on how to go mobile effectively.  Stay tuned.

I look forward to attending another RE Barcamp in the near future, although I’m not sure which one it will be just yet. If you’re interested, take a look at the official RE Barcamp website for the latest schedule.  Leave a comment below telling us which ones you will attend and hopefully we’ll see you soon!