rebarcamp-logo-landscape2What a great event last Thursday at the Pasadena Hilton! The Los Angeles RE barcamp was awesome. Devesh, Jeff and I met so many great people, learned a lot about so many different topics, and had a great time on top of it all. I thought those that were involved in organizing it – Ricardo Bueno (@Ribeezie), Stacey Harmon (@staceyharmon),  and Irina Netchaev (@pasadenaviews) and others – did a great job organizing the event and bringing together an impressive array of speakers and participants.

For those who may have missed the show, you missed quite an event. Since a number of people have already posted comments and videos about the show, and I don’t know where to start in recapping everything, here are a few links you can check-out to get a summary:

  • A post show summary by Ricardo Bueno has been posted on his blog. Click here to read it. There is also a great video slideshow at the top of the post that gives you a good flavor and feel for the event.
  • Ted Mackel, one of the participants, hosted a session on creating and using video on the web. To back up his presentation, he put together a great video of the event that included interviews of a few of the participants. Check it out here.
  • If you are looking for some motivation on why you should attend a barcamp, Mike Mueller wrote down some great reasons why you should attend. He also lists out the dates for upcoming barcamps around the country. Check it out here.
  • The great folks over at Dakno streamed the event live during the day. They are in the process of making the sessions available on line at their site The information should be live within the next week.

We were also lucky enough to co-host/lead a session on applying mobile marketing to real estate with the folks at Gumiyo. We had a great turnout and had, what I thought, was a very interactive and thoughtful discussion. I’d like to thank Bobby Carroll of Dakno for participating in the discussion and filming the session. I plan on posting a link to the session once the video is up at the Dakno site. If you attended our session, I’d love to get your feedback. Please leave a comment letting us know what you learned, what we may have missed and, in general, how we can improve the session for future events.

So if you missed Los Angeles RE Barcamp this year, you have two choices – 1) Wait until next year to attend, or 2) Go to the Official RE Barcamp website, find out when and where the next RE Barcamp is, and make your plans to attend!